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With the broad range of innovations and materials available, settling for a cookie cutter home design is a thing of the past. There are various options for the customization of your home. Time brought about the top trends for custom homes, which keep on evolving with a consumer-driven market.

Trends may keep on changing but the floor plan for modern homes often remains the same. Of course, it always depends on your space and your preferences. But there’s a variety of floor plans that Minnesota-based custom home builders might recommend.

Here are some of them:

Farmhouses with a Modern Twist

Farmhouse-style homes have considerably risen in popularity, owing to their simple and clean yet chic looks. To incorporate a modern twist to this style, homeowners now opt for open floor plans, large windows, and spacious kitchens.

The floor plans for modern farmhouse-style homes typically center on design details, such as dark windows and lap siding against painted brick or light walls.

Elderly Guest Suites

Custom home floor plans now focus on versatility to accommodate different household generations. They now feature a guest suite for elderly family members on the lower level.

Rather than the drab amenities fitted in the past, these suites feature high-end finishes with various fittings. You can now expect walk-in showers to cater for a senior’s unique needs.

Kitchen-Centered Spaces

Custom homes now feature a social space rather than the traditional, solely functional room. They now have updated appliances and various design trends with the most common bar-style sitting around islands.

Aside from entertainment purposes, this kind of floor plan provides maximum indoor space for large families. You won’t have to worry about space when hosting big house parties anymore.

Custom homes are the perfect option that meets the specific needs of your family. Choosing a floor plan is often an overwhelming experience, but the three given examples can help you make a wise decision. If you already have a home and would wish to incorporate any of the said floor plans, a simple remodeling can actualize your dream.

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