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Relocating to a new country or a new state is an exciting move that most people dread and look forward to. Moving can be costly in the first instance, and if not careful, shipping, moving trucks, and flights can set back a serious amount of money. But don’t let money worries and packing woes dampen your big plans of starting a whole new life. Here is a quick checklist for moving that we’d like to share with you.

Compare Moving Options and Costs

There are hundreds of cargo companies moving and shipping to almost every place around the world. This means that there are various options that you can check for moving your possessions. Whether you’re moving across states or to other countries, companies can provide price quotations for the services that might be needed. It is necessary to consider these options and know that the lowest quote might not always be the best choice. Look into the company offers and what is included. Some might include professional packing assistance, door-to-door delivery and full repacking to your new home once the items have arrived.

Sea Freight vs  Air Freight

For individuals moving abroad, freight is the cheapest option for cargo. Allowing your belongings to sail across seas is a better value than having them flown by air. More cargo can also be shipped out via sea freight than through air cargo, and this is only at a fraction of the cost. Sea cargo takes time to reach their destinations, though so if you need things urgently, sea freight is not the option for you. If your company or business is shouldering your moving expenses and they want you to move right away, you can have the essential items flown by air. This way, most of your possessions are already in your new place by the time you arrive.

What Things Can You Live Without?

Moving to a new home should activate the “Marie Kondo” in you. Take half of the things and twice the amount of money that might be needed. This is the best time to be truly picky with belongings and choose only those that you will not be able to live without. Dispose of the big bulky stuff such as the television, fridge, the living room set and the grandfather clock. The four-poster bed with canopy should go too. If you can’t bear to sell them or give them away, you might want to rent a storage space for them while you sort things out in your new house.

Pack Your Stuff or Have Them Packed for You

Close up of male hand packing cardboard box

The moving company will also provide you with packing materials should you opt to pack your items. The question is, do you have the time and energy to do it? Packing takes serious effort but is costly when done by removalists. Having your packing done by professionals will ensure that everything is packed tightly and neatly to lessen damage and movement during shipping. In Adelaide, companies offering interstate transport services also do clean up the space you have vacated and leave it ready for the next occupant. They can even unpack and set up most of the items they have moved to your new location. This saves you a lot of the hassle and back-breaking work that accompanies moving.

Relocating is truly exciting as new doors and possibilities open up for you and the family. Make a list of the things that should be prioritised in preparation for the move. Some things can be accomplished quickly, and there are those that will take time such as all the packing and shipping. As long as everything is planned out and prepared, moving out and into a new life need not be a painful experience.

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