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People often think that having a million-dollar home is all about luxury. That is changing. According to Business Insider, the appearance of million-dollar homes vary from state to state, depending on the local real estate market. A million-dollar home in a Detroit suburb may have architectural stone columns with a private driveway.

In contrast, a million-dollar home in Boston city may be a hundred-year-old 2-story 6-bedroom house with a modest front yard. But no matter where you purchase a house, there are some common things you can see in million-dollar homes.

Million-dollar homes are beautiful and clean. You should consider these two important factors if you want your house to look like a million bucks; if you want to reflect your tastes and aspirations. The challenge you could face is budget. However, making your house expensive-looking doesn’t have to be, well, expensive.

There are little, affordable things you can do to improve your house’s interiors and exteriors. In today’s article, you can easily achieve a million-dollar-looking house through these simple things. Find out below how to completely transform your house from drab to fab, but on a budget.

Add Wood Trims

Don’t you love custom homes with crown moldings, chair rails, and wainscoting everywhere? While they may seem insignificant in any room, these trimmings have a huge impact on any house. It makes any home look organized. Rooms with trimmings appear much bigger, too.

To achieve an affordable rich look, add wood trimmings to your windows, ceilings, and walls. Both interior and exterior wood trimmings, also called window casings, give windows a tapered look. Crown moldings on ceilings provide height to any room. Chair rails and wainscoting, meanwhile, make any house look classy, adding sophistication in plain rooms.

To stay within budget, purchase ready-made trimmings from hardware stores. Consider it a weekend DIY project to avoid labor costs when hiring a carpenter or handyman. Install trimmings and then paint them in colors that will complement each room in your house.

Maintain Your Yard — Front and Back

You can’t see any million-dollar home with a cluttered and disorganized yard. Well-maintained yards always conjure judgment from neighbors and passers-by, especially house design experts, and that’s the crowd that million-dollar homeowners often want to impress. Why not do the same? Impress your neighbors with a mowed lawn, landscaped garden, and strategically-placed outdoor structures.

Upgrade Plain Doors

Doors do more than close-off areas of your house. According to the HGTV channel, any door adds depth and contrast to house interiors. It also reinforces your decor’s themes. If you have plain doors, however, you can’t achieve a theme-reinforced look. You must upgrade your doors.

Eliminate boring, plain doors by painting them or adding wooden panels on them. You can also add panels and then paint them.

When choosing a paint, select a shade that can complement an area or room. You can also use a uniform color for all your doors. For paneling, there are ready-made wooden panels available in hardware stores that you can easily install.

Use Better Window Coverings


Instead of using boring blinds, use roman shades or curtains. With their many colors and designs, and styling options, roman shades, curtains, and draperies make better window embellishments. Choose designs that will go with the design of your house.

For curtains, use ones that go from the ceiling to the floor. They will make your house look bigger. Plus, choose colors that can brighten up rooms. When the weather gets colder, swap airy curtains for heavy draperies to prevent heat from escaping your house and keep the cold air outside.

However, if you want a modern and streamlined look, use roman shades. You can choose from relaxed, light shades to constructed, heavy shades, depending on the look that you want to achieve.

Use Architectural Stones

Improve the exterior look of your house with architectural stones. Install them on windows, doors, countertops, and structural supports. Architectural stones such as marble, quartz, and granite are often used for countertops. For windows, doors, and structural supports, you can use cast stones. They are cheaper compared to limestone, sandstone, marbles, and other quarried stones.

To make cheaper alternative architectural stones, cast stone experts create similar products by putting together different ingredients and materials. The resulting stones are next to the real thing and, more importantly, affordable. They can also be shaped according to your needs, making them easier to install in any home.

Show Them What You’ve Got

Because your home is an extension of yourself, you want it presented to others in a way that reflects how you want to live, which doesn’t necessarily mean a luxurious lifestyle. A million-dollar home can also mean a well-maintained, clean, and organized living space. Improving a little thing here and there can help you quickly achieve this. Following the tips above can make your home look like a million bucks.

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