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When left unfinished and unlit, basements remain chilly and uninviting. However, some renovation and appropriate finishing can render it useful. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, adding some décor can also transform it into a warm living space. If you are looking forward to getting new basement finishing in Utah, engaging professionals will help you turn your place to whatever you want depending on how much space is available.

Hobby Space

Whatever you love doing, the basement can be an excellent place to do it. This includes crafting, creating art or writing. Installing the appropriate equipment will transform it into a workshop or studio. If there are individuals who love drumming, playing the piano, or doing karaoke, have the instruments in the basement. You can also convert the space into a dance or photography studio. Make the space a haven for book lovers by installing a library.

Family Room

Laying ceramic tiles and including heated flooring will add warmth to the room. Add some rugs for a modern look and white-wash its top surface without installing a false ceiling as this will lower the height too much, making family members feel trapped. To blend in structural elements such as pillars, cover them with colorful tiling or wooden slats.


This is a popular choice for basement use. Light it up uniformly and install the necessary equipment for your favorite game. These can include a pool table, archery, chess, and electronic gaming consoles. Keep it well lit so that it doesn’t look dingy.

Home Cinema

home cinema

A media room at home is exciting and appropriate for basement spaces that have height limitations. The shallow space makes for a perfect media room. Consider using soundproof material to shield the area above it from the noise emanating from the sound system. Instead of using hard flooring, use carpeting to keep it cozy. Wind up by installing cinema lighting.

Home Gym

If you are into staying fit, a basement home gym is ideal for those times you can’t make it to your local gym. Equip it with exercise mats, weights, and a treadmill. If you work out with the aid of videos, have a TV for ease of watching. Having the gym close will encourage you to use it more and attain your body goals within no time.

Home Office

If you are a work from home person, a home office will come in handy. It can also be a place to handle personal projects after your regular job. Designating a part of the home for your work allows you to associate the space with work. It also offers privacy and keeps distractions away, thus boosting productivity.

Guest Suite

If your basement is spacious, has proper lighting, and is aerated enough, a studio annex will add to the value of your home. Install a bed, bathroom, and kitchenette for independent living of whoever will be using it. You can use the extra space as a guest room or even rent it out.

Remodeling your basement boosts its functionality and offers extra space for your family. Given the nature of the area, it is best to work with a professional designer so that you do not only improve its aesthetics but also ensure that it is safe for regular use.

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