James Mitchell

As the year draws to a close, businesses are clamouring to finish their plans for next year. They want to come back to the office and start the year with a brand new perspective. Everyone can contribute ideas, and with many ways to improve the office, there might be a need for several plans.

There are also different facets that could do with a little sprucing. Take the following three areas for example.


A company that is expecting a boom in sales might want to think ahead and use the holiday break to schedule any makeovers needed in the office. This is a good time to be in contact with suppliers of industrial cabinets, doors or even janitorial services. As the needs of the company increase, there is an expected rise in the number of people working in the office. This means you will need to grow alongside your business.

Take a look at the projected growth of the company and make adjustments for more cubicles, seating options and bigger conference rooms, if necessary. On the other hand, if you are looking into downsizing a certain department, think about moving to a smaller place.

You might also want to consider if the current layout is working for your employees. Are they more distracted because of the lack of privacy of an open floor layout? Do they feel isolated in their cubicle? Is the department head hard to approach because of their office being separate from everyone?


Employees exchanging ideasA noticeable dip in productivity might be brought on by someone slacking off. You might need to revisit the structure of the company to ensure that every employee gets the support they need from their supervisors, and that department heads are exchanging ideas to make the workflow better.

An evaluation in the form of peer reviews might be handy right about now. This also gives you a chance to incentivise those who have been working hard and to promote people who have been doing more than what is required of their job. For those who are not working hard as expected, perhaps a gentle reminder will steer them back in the right direction.


You have reshuffled managers to improve company productivity hopefully. You will need to wait to see how that works out. You are working on plans to give employees more space to work around the office. The results of that should be seen in the next few months. What else can you do while waiting?

Consider an online change. While this does not require that you change the products or services you are offering, the way you show them to your customers says a lot. Site viewers will see that you are not obsolete. Finetuning your business website will help you get more clients. An old and neglected website may be slow and unresponsive, which will drive potential clients away.

When you are running a company, you are expected to see problems from a mile away. Just like with solving problems, you should also see areas needing improvement from different angles.

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