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A majority of homes depend on hot water for taking baths, washing clothes, washing dishes, and other tasks around the home. That makes a water heater quite an essential appliance in a home. Failure in the operation of a water heater will put most of the tasks in any home on hold; not a situation any homeowner wants to deal with.

So, which indicators necessitate calling in water heater replacement or repair services? A leading Salt Lake City-based HVAC company advises that you check for the following to know when to deal with this issue before it gets out of hand:

Inconsistent Heating of Water

If your water heater works for some time and then fails to heat the water the next time, there are two possible reasons. First, you could be experiencing problems within your electrical system, which causes your heater to switch off. Second, your water heater could have clocked its service life, thus requiring replacing.

Cold Water from Your Water Heater

Sometimes your water flowing from your kitchen sink or shower will be cold because the water heater will fail to deliver hot water. Among the reasons for a faulty water heater include faulty electrical supply or insufficient power to heat the water. The sure way to check whether there is an electrical issue is to inspect the standby light on the heater. The light should be on for your heater to deliver hot water. If the light is on and the heater is still non-functional, there could be a bigger underlying electrical issue.

Faulty Appliances

Dishwasher of a restaurantThe modern dishwashers and washing machines rely on hot water to perform the required cleaning tasks. Therefore, you can check the functionality of these appliances to get a clear picture of the condition of your water heater. A functional water heater should deliver the hot water to these appliances and see them function properly. If the heater is not delivering the water at the right temperature, consider closing the cold and hot water valves. You also can adjust these valves till the water is at the required temperature.

Slight Heating of Water

Water heaters can have an extended service life when you use and maintain the heaters as required. Nevertheless, using your water heater for long can affect the efficiency and result to inadequate heating. When your water is warm instead of being hot, the water has a lot of pressure than the heater can handle.

Dripping Water

The water heaters in the market hardly experience the dripping of water during operation, but that does not mean it cannot happen. The leakage of water is mostly due to loosened components; fitting or valve and not necessarily a malfunctioning in the heater. When the water heater is the cause of water leaking, that indicates a serious issue.

Understanding the possible signs of a malfunctioning water heater is an art that every homeowner should master. And, whenever you spot any of the above signs, call in a licensed plumber for inspection, recommends a Salt Lake City-based HVAC specialist. They should also help determine whether you need to get a water heater replacement or repair services.

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