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Residents today have the benefit of choosing from several fireplaces available, and among them, gas fireplaces are growing in popularity. This is mainly because they look appealing, and are affordable to operate, clean and convenient. Before proceeding with gas fireplace installation in Salt Lake City, check out the different gas fireplaces to choose from.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Meant to be set up into an already-existing firebox, gas fireplace inserts will be placed inside a typical fireplace. Gas inserts are usually attractive substitutes when the fireplace of a home is damaged, so it doesn’t work anymore. These commonly utilize ceramic logs to offer the advantages of the look of actual wood-burning fire, excluding the smoke or smell.

Gas Log Sets

With gas log sets, you can upgrade a shabby fireplace, obtain the regular ceramic logs, as well as, get grate to place them in to get a more authentic look. These types are deemed as mostly ornamental and are ideal for light use. You can choose ones that are either vented or unvented. Since these are used for decorative purpose, these would be a great option for residents who want to add ambiance in their living room and for those living in warmer climates.

Built-In Gas Fireplaces

If you’re planning on getting a fireplace in your new home, but don’t want the maintenance a wood-burning chimney and stove brings, a built-in fireplace is ideal. This kind of gas fireplace is set up as the main fire source in a wall in your house. It even has the natural advantage of less heat waste in comparison to wood units.

As you can surmise from the different types above, each is perfect for varied capacities of home and residential needs. Learn to distinguish between them to know which your family and your home needs.

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