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For years, modular homes have become a popular choice for those who want to build and own a house of their own. Throughout those times, it has proven its worth and value. This is why it’s not surprising why more people are becoming interested in this home building option.

The thing is, modular homes have been around for quite some time, although many are still confused about what this exactly is. To clear up the confusion surrounding it, Strand Homes and some property experts lists down some of the things you need to know:

Modular Homes Have Made-to-Order and Ready-Made Panels

Modular homes offer the advantage of ordering your home rather than building it from scratch. With this option, you may go for a custom-made house or opt to order a ready-made building. Depending on your modifications, everything can be completed within one to two months.

Modular Homes Are Cheaper Than Site-Built Houses

Compared to site-built houses, a modular home is much more affordable to finish. On average, you could save as much as 10% to 30% on building cost when you choose this over the traditional type of home building. Whether it is a big or small house, modular homes will always be cheaper than to site-built ones.

Modular Homes Are Easier and Faster to Construct

As it’s already prefabricated, the only thing left for builders to work on is to assemble the panels together. Depending on the design you’ve requested, a building may take one to four months (at most). As compared to site-built homes, the construction process is definitely simpler and quicker. This means you can move in faster and can get comfy into your new home.

Modular Homes is Different from Manufactured Homes

Modular Home

Modular homes have been around, but people are still confused about it. Many of them thought that modular and manufactured homes are similar when in fact, they aren’t.

For one, modular homes are made of prefabricated panels that will ‘be assembled on site’. A manufactured house is an already built home that will ‘be transported as it is’ on the area. Among these two prefabricated homes, modular houses are said to be of greater value. This is due to the fact that it’s almost the same with site-built ones, the only difference is the pre-built panels.

Modular Homes Utilise Variety of Building Materials

Wood, concrete, fibreglass, and metal are the most common building materials for most houses. These same elements are also used for modular homes.

For most manufacturers, they use materials that are based off on durability and efficiency. That’s why it’s important that you consider their opinion when picking the materials for your panels. This is to guide you accordingly as to which is the most suitable in your area.

Prior to starting a modular home project, be sure you’re aware of this basic information to guide you accordingly on this matter. If you need further clarifications, you could always talk to the manufacturers for more details. Along with that, you research too to keep yourself updated and informed.

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