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If you live in a small house or apartment, do not let the small space make you feel down. There are many ways to organize and improve your small apartment to be more spacious and look better even with limited space.

In this article, we will show you tips on how you can maximize your small apartment.

Tips to Maximize a Small Room or Apartment

Use Tables Made Out of Trunks

Consider using a table made out of trunks if you need one. Why? Because trunks offer extra space. And an old trunk can be a good conversation piece. Yes, it might not work for every table. But it would do for a coffee table, bedside table, and end table.

It is also ideal to put some items like magazines under it. So, your guests can enjoy checking them out while chilling in your house.

Avoid Buying Unitaskers

Unitaskers are devices that only do one specific task. One example of a unitasker device is a meatball grill basket; its only job is to grill meatballs. You couldn’t do anything else. And this means that this device will eat space in your area but can only do one task.

Instead of buying unitaskers, it is better to look for a single item that can perform many tasks. Rather than purchasing a set of bowls, get two huge bowls. Rather than buying a complete set of pots and pans, start with only one skillet and one pot and see how it goes. Moreover, instead of purchasing a butcher block of knives, buy only a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a bread knife, and keep them in a drawer.

Unitaskers eat up a lot of space but are rarely used. Avoid settling for them and look for stuff that you can use for a lot of tasks.

Choose Foldable Furniture

Guest beds allocate extra space in your room. So, the best choice is to buy a chair or couch with a folding bed in it. It can be a sofa or a bed, depending on your needs.

Another alternative is mounting a foldable bed into the wall. And when you have a visitor, you can move aside whatever is in front of it, and you will have a good space for them to sleep in.

If you are looking for a spare bed and these options do not work for you, you can settle in an inflatable bed or air mattress.

The great news is that you can design your own piece of furniture. However, you will need the help of some professionals to do so. For instance, you might need to hire construction workers to install wall-mounted items properly. Just make sure that they are wearing protective equipment for construction workers.

Organize your stuff to avoid duplication

Organizing your stuff helps you save a lot of space. So, it is a good idea to have an organized place where you can easily find your things at home.

For example, for office supplies like a pen, scissors, papers, puncher, tape, put them all in a drawer for easy access. So anytime you need your office supplies, you know exactly where to find them.

Organizing also means that you will avoid duplicating your items. When we forget where we put out stuff, we tend to buy a new one, duplicating our stuff. If this happens frequently, the supplies will start to take up too much space in your home.

Consider Storage Vertically

We often consider our living environment to be a floor plan. We recognize that square footage is allocated to storage when an area in the floor plan designates storage space, such as a bookshelf or something similar.

Here’s the deal: that square footage runs from the floor to the ceiling, so why not make the most of it? Choose tall shelves that reach all the way to the top rather than lesser shelves that only reach halfway up. If you have a media cabinet, go for one that is a little smaller on the floor but extends to the ceiling or close to it.

Consider Minimalist Decorations

white window with tulips beside it

Most people are tempted to fill their wall space with pictures or other items. But it makes your home feel cramped and claustrophobic, as if all the walls are overloaded and crammed.

So, it is a better idea to choose only a few pieces of home decor. Choose the ones that are meaningful to you or fewer decors with class.

If you have many items that you like to show off, keep them in the closet and change them regularly. Limit your decorations on the wall to only three things, and rotate them with your other items.

As we see here, you don’t have to feel cluttered or cramped because of a small space. With just a few organizing or decorating tips, you can transform your small apartment into a classy and elegant room.

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