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Massage chairs offer positive health effects beyond mere comfort. These include stress reduction, pain relief, and improved blood circulation. Individuals who order massage chairs loaded with advanced functionalities can take advantage of their numerous benefits for overall health. Using a massage chair on a regular basis is also more convenient than scheduling an appointment with a massage therapist. Essentially, an individual can receive consistent and beneficial massage services without having to leave the comfort of their home.

Pain Relief

One cause of back pain is spinal disk compression. Individuals with lower back pain or sciatica can find relief with a massage chair with a body twist feature. This feature can serve as a chiropractic adjustment tool to reduce back pain. With sciatica, a massage chair with lumbar and calf heat leg massage features can provide additional relief.

Massage chairs with other features like body stretch, heat, zero-gravity seating, and deep tissue massage can provide further pain relief. They can mitigate an individual’s level of pain on any given day.

Improved Posture

Posture can be affected by back pain or injury. Individuals may change the way they sit or stand to reduce the intensity and severity of pain they feel in the area. The body shifts in order to relieve pressure on sore muscles. Unfortunately, stress moves over to adjacent muscles as compensation and these muscles become sore. Posture can become unnatural and improper as a result.

Massage chairs improve posture by relaxing the muscles and allowing individuals to sit in a comfortable and proper position. This takes stress and pressure away from muscle groups, reduces overall pain, and improves posture.

Increased Circulation

Massagist feeling the back of the patient

A good level of circulation reduces pain and lowers blood pressure. It allows the body to get rid of toxins and improves the immune system’s ability to handle future attacks. Better circulation can also increase an individual’s oxygen and energy levels.

Massage chairs and those with the vibration massage functionality can improve blood circulation in the body. The movement of rollers and airbags within the system can improve flow and ensure lymphatic fluid is delivered throughout the body.

Post-Exercise Pain

Lactic acid builds up in the muscles after exercise, making these areas sore. Massage chairs have the ability to reduce and eliminate muscle pain by shifting excess acid to other parts of the body. This reduces soreness and muscle pain from a workout.

Stress Reduction

Massage therapy provides relaxation benefits. It can activate the body’s relaxation response and trigger endorphins in the body. These are hormones with an analgesic effect and can contribute to increased well-being, lower blood pressure, and improved sleep quality. Both circulation and relaxation combine to allow individuals to feel increased mental clarity and to reduce distracting thoughts for longer periods of time.

Lower Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

In addition, the triggered relaxation response naturally slows down heart rate and blood pressure. Some massage chairs come with the ability to monitor both these measures.

The various health benefits that massage chairs offer indicate they are solid investments. Their features and functionalities should suit an individual’s specific needs for comfort and pain relief.

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