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The front entrance of your house is the place where an intruder might enter. You would think that they can use other avenues such as the windows and back door. Of course, they can, but the front door is the easiest way to get in and out of the house. To ensure that your front door isn’t the weakest part of the home, you need the best door installation services in Bromley.

Having a deadbolt lock at the front door is not enough to beef up security. You have to improve the front door security. You have to identify common issues that make your entryway less secure. Understanding what you are working towards is the first step to improving safety at your home.

The doorknob and deadbolt

Generally, the doorknob and deadbolt lock doesn’t go far enough into the door frame. This means that at times, they go as far as ½ to 1 inch into the door frame. Hence, it makes a lot of front doors easily accessible through kicking or even pushing. However, there is always a solution to everything, and the cheapest or most affordable one is to replace the screws used in the metal plates. You should replace the screws with longer ones of up to three inches. You can also add more strength by combining a longer metal plate.

The door hinges

screwing door hinges

Sometimes, the problem observed with the deadbolt lock correlates with the door hinges. In fact, companies have opted to use at least one longer screw when it comes to installation of hinges on exterior doors. It is observed that most of the ¾ inch screws are not sturdy, and people see the screws falling off while the gates are in use. Therefore, you have to ensure that all the screws at the front door are replaced with longer ones. This will ensure that the hinges hold firmly into the door.

The type of door

The strength of an entry depends on the density and toughness of the material it is made from. A door can be made of metal, but it’s hollow or entirely solid. A hollow metal door can easily be kicked in or pushed. On the other hand, a solid door can hold much better since it will take time for one to open the door. It is also vital to ensure that the front door is much secure by getting rid of decorative windows. However, don’t get it all wrong. An entry might look beautiful with decorative glass windows, but a solid door is more secure.

In the end, it is imperative to make your front door more secure and eliminate risks of losing your property. By following or heeding the tips above, you can improve your front door security and prevent dangerous incidents. If you still encounter;issues or are not sure about the level of protection that your front door offers, you should not hesitate to contact a professional. Remember that doing so will help you save more time and money.

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