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Like a great salesman, you have to present the best side of your home to prospective buyers. Real estate agents refer to this as “staging” because you’re staging a scene in which prospects will see the house in the most appealing angle.

This doesn’t mean it can’t be done naturally, though. Here are five tips on how to perk up your property for showing day.

Start with your curb appeal.

Begin your beautification by taking care of what prospects first see when they pull up to your property. If it’s within your budget, hire one of the top commercial mowers in Grande Prairie to keep your lawn expertly trimmed and presentable.

Also, trim those hedges and put out native plants. Pressure-wash the driveway, the walkway, and your patio. You might want to repaint the front door, as well, to give it a fresh look.

Scrub the property spotless.

If there’s a 100-point restoration list for your house, then you need to do them all. Scrub the floors, fix any dents, and deep clean every piece of furniture that you own.

Check the bathroom and kitchen for any rust patches or faucet failure. See if everything is working — hinges on the doors, the light switches in every room, and the knobs on windows. We mean everything.

Clear away personal clutter.

As sore as it may feel, you need to strip down the property of all personal possession to reveal its bare form. Personalized drawers, dressers, bathroom vanities — you need to clear everything out.

While leaving behind some pieces of furniture might help in adding value, personal touches may not help the prospect in projecting themselves in that space. Plus, they need to see how much storage space they have.

Let that natural light in.

Bright light greatly helps in revealing your house’s innate beauty and uplifting the prospect’s mood. Pull the curtains back and completely open all your blinds. No one likes a dingy house, after all.

It’s tough work, but you might also want to repaint the interior to a neutral shade of white to let more light bounce around the room.

Fix up all pieces of furniture.

The arrangement is vital for all your furnishings. When prospects look at your living room, they need to be able to visualize the functionality of each piece and the ample walking space they are afforded.

Don’t place pieces adjacent to the wall, and avoid oversized furnishings. Bring seating spaces closer and arrange them in pairs to achieve symmetry within formal areas.

Concentrate on key rooms.

Living room

If you think the highlight of the house tour is any one of the rooms, then emphasize it. For this, you might need to rent pieces of furniture that play with your theme well.

If you have a sophisticated master’s bedroom, you can add more neutral-toned, crisp linens, or floor rugs to suit that. If you’re proud of your kitchen island, invest in luxury bar stools and re-apply varnish to make it look new.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t linger during showing day nor pressure your prospect to give an answer or bid right away. Just let your work do the talking for you, and you’ll be shaking hands in no time.

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