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Your home is an extension of you. It’s only natural to want to make your home look really good that even your neighbors can’t help but take a picture of your home exterior. These days, it is considered as the biggest compliment when your home becomes Instagrammable. Today, almost everyone loves to look for beautiful homes in magazines or even Pinterest.

If you have been planning to renovate your home exterior, you don’t need to go all the way and spend so much. You don’t even need to have a full-scale remodeling to impress your neighbors. Before starting, you should draw some inspiration in following these tips to make your home Instagram-worthy. Are you ready to turn your home exterior into an Instagrammable place? Let’s start renovating!

Choose to Go for French Drain

Before you consider installing a French Drain in your Denver home, here are some of the things that you need to know.

French Drain is also known as rubble drain and it effectively stops groundwater from accumulating that can penetrate and damage landscape areas and foundations. If your ultimate goal is to make your home exterior Instagram-worthy, a French drain installation is what you need. Aside from keeping your yard safe for your visitors and family, it also prevents puddles from forming and stops the soil in turning muddy. No muddy patches mean it’s always Instagram-ready.

Plant Beautiful Flowers in Different Colors

purple and pink flowers

Add splashes of color in your landscape with beautiful and fresh flowers. You can choose different plants and shrubs in different colors and sizes to make them more appealing. It is best if a variety of flowers and plants are planted because choosing only one color can make your garden look monotonous. Different colors can also help make your garden look more lush and well-maintained.

Another tip to make your garden Instagrammable is to add a few key elements that tie the design together. For example, you may choose to only use white vases and plant holders to make it look more elegant. If you want something rustic, you can choose to use ranch tires as plant holders.

It’s All About the Little Details

An IG-worthy home has another characteristic: it’s the unique one in the neighborhood . If you want to stand out among your cookie-cutter neighborhood, play with the little details. You can choose to change it a bit by installing stained windows and make it as your home exterior’s focal point. You can also choose to use red bricks and stone veneers for a rustic modern look.

If you need help, ask an interior designer for their opinion.

When designing and remodeling a home exterior, you don’t need to spend too much on renovating. You can always start with looking and listing down elements that you can still use and you would like to retain. You can always look for recyclable materials, as well. This will cost less because you don’t need to buy anything new. For plants and flowers, you may choose to plant seeds instead.

Say hello to an IG-worthy home with these steps!

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