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Tiles are the most versatile and hard wearing material for flooring that many people want to choose. In the past, floor tiles were mainly for bathrooms and kitchens which handled elements that put the floors at high risk of premature wear. Other than the durability which made floor tiles the best choice for these rooms, tiled floors are very easy to clean. Tiles can, however, be used in all rooms of your property and even the outdoors.

But even maintained tiled floors would give way to time’s wear and tear. The cold weather in Canada can be unforgiving, but tile renovation experts in Ottawa, Ontario can transform your tiles at a fraction of the cost of laying a new floor. You can also use the tile renovation service to revamp the look of your room and hide imperfections. This is possible by choosing a tile layout design pattern which complements your home’s decor and style. Here are the best layout design patterns for tile flooring.

Straight Grid Pattern

This is the most straightforward tile layout pattern. This design will blend in easily with the existing design patterns in any room. In a straight grid pattern, your tiles will be laid in a straight line such that the grout lines make a grid-like pattern. This pattern also gives you the flexibility of combining all colors, textures, and types of tiles without making your room appear ‘too busy.’ If you are looking for a clean and simple look in your rooms, however, you should choose a monochromatic scheme for your floor layout.

Checkerboard Pattern

Bathroom with checkered tilesThis is a standard tile layout option for period homes, but it is not a preserve of these properties. Though the checkerboard pattern often features black and white tiles, you can mix up virtually all tile colors. The tiles will be laid diagonally, which slightly offsets the grid. Bold or neutral colors are then added by checkerboarding similar tiles with different finishes. All tiles used in a checkerboard floor pattern should be of a similar size.

Chevron Pattern

This pattern has a zigzag look. The look is generated by combining different rectangular tiles with ends that are angled. A chevron pattern is the best choice in small rooms since it creates an elongated and wide illusion. Moreover, you can use this tile pattern to carry people’s line of sight towards a focal point or along an intended path. To create a dramatic appearance, you can use alternate tile colors for all V shapes to get a striped zigzag pattern.

Basketweave Pattern

This features rectangular and square tiles over a specific area or an entire floor. A basketweave pattern has a complicated look, but this is simply an illusion which will make your floors appear very detailed. The tiles are quite easy to install and will hence not take considerable time.

Creating a new look in your rooms using tiles is easy; you only need to pick the right pattern for your rooms. If you are aiming to transform your property’s look with new tiles, changing their layout pattern will help you achieve this. Don’t be surprised the next time you have visitors over how positive their reactions will be.

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