James Mitchell

If you are planning some home improvement projects for your backyard but do not know where to start, here are three fantastic ways to maximise and improve that space and increase your home’s market and aesthetic value.

1. Build a patio

Patios are a great way to extend your indoor space into the outdoors. In places such as Brisbane, an insulated patio keeps the space comfortable and relaxing even during the warmer months. You could opt to enclose it and have sliding doors to give you the option to close or open it.

Having an additional living space that extends outdoors is a great use of space, especially when you have kids and pets. It also increases the usable square footage of your home, which is a good thing for market value.

2. Add a plunge pool

Small pools are all the rage these days as they do not take up a lot of your backyard and leave enough room for other backyard improvement additions, such as a lounging area right beside the pool.

These pools are also easier to maintain as they use less water and are easier to clean because of their size. Plunge pools are an excellent way to liven up your space as this serves as a private relaxation area as well as a fantastic space to entertain guests.

3. Plant a garden

Give your space a fresh, clean vibe by cultivating a small garden. Use herbs and low-maintenance outdoor plants to make the space easy to maintain. Having a herb garden is a convenient source of ingredients and spices you can use for home-cooked meals.

It is a simple from-garden-to-table system that you can enjoy all year round. Plants are ornamental and useful, so having them in your backyard space is a wonderful idea to liven up the area as well.

Creating a welcoming backyard allows you to use that space in a way that caters to your activities and needs. So get that outdoor planning going and create your own vacation spot right at home.

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