James Mitchell

Running a restaurant means keeping up with the turnover of people while making sure that you serve not only good food but also sanitary ones. Keeping your dishes and utensils properly cleaned before using it to serve meals is a must for every restaurant. Thanks to commercial dishwashers, this task has become a lot easier for restaurant owners and workers alike.

But, like other appliances working on a daily basis, your handy dishwasher might break down at the wrong time and would leave you and your team scrambling to keep up with the demand for clean utensils. Repairing your commercial dish machine might take time and no one like such inconveniences. As such, you have to prevent those things from happening by learning how to maintain it.

1. Always scrape debris

Food debris stuck in your dirty dishes can get stuck in your machine and cause malfunction. Ideally, you should give dishes a quick wash and make sure there are no solid leftovers stuck in the dishes before loading them.

2. Stack up properly

Put your dishes in the machine properly. This will not only make the machine clean it more thoroughly, but also keep it running well.

3. Rinse and drain daily

By the end of the day, make sure you rinse and drain the dish washing machine itself. This will help your machine cool down. Clean parts can always give you clean dishes that you would need for the next day.

4. Regular inspection

Inspect your machine at least every other day or a couple of times in a week. This is the best way to know any abnormalities present and repair them before it worsens.

5. Professional maintenance

Have your machine checked and maintained by a professional at least once a year. Investing in professional services can help prevent sudden breakdowns and costly repairs.

Make the most of your commercial dishwasher by being a responsible owner maintaining it regularly.

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