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The common misconception about having a nice yard is that the homeowners spend all their free time there. You will be surprised to know that not all homes with great yards have equally great gardeners or homeowners who can juggle their time consistently and perfectly. In fact, you’ll be shocked to know that like you, these homeowners work two jobs and sometimes aren’t even home enough in the morning to mow the lawn or water the plants. What they do have is a smart system that allows them to take care of the lawn despite being a business homeowner like yourself.

The idea for a great yard is simple: don’t complicate it. Don’t add water features such as a waterfall because it takes time to clean that up. A koi pond looks great, but it’s also a lot of work. So, when choosing what kind of yard to have, focus on one thing only: simple. That simple yard doesn’t mean basic, however. Simple yards can be elegant and gorgeous and pretty. These yards are still stunners and head-turners. But again, you have to be smart with the choices you make for your yard.

Smaller Front Yard

Think about a smaller front yard if your home is still under construction or soon to be constructed. Since it is literally in front of your house, this yard is the most susceptible to judgment from passersby and neighbors. If you don’t mow the front lawn for a week, trust that there might be some issues with how your house affects the value of the properties nearby. Homeowners’ associations tend to be strict with how the property looks to real estate agents, evaluators, and potential homebuyers.

Adjust your property so that it sits nearer the street than you intend for it to be. The smaller your front yard and the bigger the backyard, the less hassle it is for you to “hide” the fact that you simply don’t have much time to care for it consistently. However, make sure to still improve your curb appeal with some flower boxes and a bit of grass where you can stick a post where your custom stone address sign can hang.

Outdoor Living Spaces

The secret to a low-maintenance yard is to have more outdoor living space than a garden that you need to take care of. The great thing about outdoor spaces is you’ll have more chances for entertaining during warm weather. Plus, it’s also easier to maintain since there are fewer grassy areas. Outdoor living spaces can range from grilling stations to full-on kitchens to fire pits. Decks are also a great idea to have outdoors since you can put up a barbecue grill and entertain guests there.

sprinkler system

Automated Watering

Watering the yard in the morning takes about 30 minutes or more of your time. Invest in the right watering system that will make irrigation a hands-free chore. You should choose soaker hoses instead of overhead sprinklers because the former saves more water since it lands on the roots of the plants rather than get the topsoil soaked first. The irrigation system can have a timer attached to it so it will automatically turn on and shut off once the watering is done. During the rainy season, make sure to turn it off because it will just soak the yard, making it muddy and drowning the plants.


Using mulch in your yard has two main benefits. The first one is that it suppresses the growth of weed, which means less weeding for you. The second is it reduces water evaporation from the soil, which means less watering for you. You can maintain mulch by applying a fresh layer whenever it falls below two inches. The mulch layer has to be two to three inches thick. In warmer climates, apply mulch two times a week. In colder regions, an annual application of mulch is sufficient.

The Right Plants

Any yard will be low maintenance if it has the right plants, shrubs, and flowers. No matter how attractive the plants are to you, remember to check whether they are low or high maintenance. There is no use in having exotic and rare plants if you don’t have the time to take care of them. They will just wither and make your yard look ugly. Also, consider the size of the plants. Black Beauty elderberry grows as tall as 12 feet, so choosing Laced Up elderberry for smaller spaces is more practical.

If you have the time and money, why not have a huge garden with exotic plants and lush green grass? However, not all homeowners have the luxury of space, time, and money. That’s why these tips will give anyone the confidence needed to maintain a great-looking lawn without high maintenance needs.

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