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A loft conversion is a common home improvement project taken to transform an unused attic area into a functional space. While it seems to be the easiest way for homeowners to have extra space, it is actually a complicated process that should be handled by professionals in loft conversion services in Bromley and other cities in the UK.

Moreover, before you embark on this kind of home renovation, you should check first if it is a feasible project to do in your property.

What Are the Requirements?

Take note that you need a minimum of 2.3 metres to make sure there is sufficient headroom for the loft. The distance from the stairs to the ceiling, meanwhile, must be around two metres. If your home meets the minimum required measurements in the attic, then it is most likely suitable for this type of home improvement project.

You also need to conduct a thorough inspection of the roof for signs of water damage and leaks. If there are dark stains on the roof rafters, they indicate potential problems with the roofing and waterproofing. Repairs must be done on the roof before any construction will be done to convert the loft.

What Kind of Loft Conversion Suits Your Property?

There are two standard types of conversions common in attics. The most common is the window conversion. This is simply done by adding a large window to the roof of the attic to improve the lighting in the space and generally improve the image of the property. A window loft conversion does not require complex restructuring of the roof itself.

Another popular type of is the dormer loft conversion. This is done by extending the roof with a window feature. It is usually installed to achieve more space in the attic. The dormer style loft conversion is very popular, especially among homeowners who also intend to improve the aesthetic appeal of their property.

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What Regulations Do You Need to Follow?

Home improvement projects that require construction or extension must comply with building code regulations. These ensure that the conversion plans will create a safe space for those who will be using it.

Professional loft conversion companies will help owners deal with these requirements and contract with the local authorities in case planning permission will be required.

What Are Its Top Benefits?

Loft conversion projects have grown in popularity over the last few years, and it is due to the benefits they give┬áto property owners. Most homes have unused attics and by converting them into functional spaces, you can have either an extra bedroom, home office, children’s room, guest room or entertainment area. The project is also expected to significantly increase the value of property by up to 20%

Aside from increasing the value of your home, a loft conversion is an ideal improvement project for homeowners who wish to have additional space in their property. Planning a loft conversion project will go smoothly from day one when there is a reputable company to assist you.

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