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Skylights let the sun into your home. These functional windows have a whimsical nature that elicits a smile. A new skylight could be a source of cheer and inspiration in what could have been a drab and gloomy workplace. Before investing in a window replacement, Utah residents and business owners should look into the alternative solution.

Style and function

A skylight is more than a stylish addition. They also maximize daylight and improve indoor ventilation. The right choice of glazing material, shape, design, and orientation would allow the new skylight to illuminate and ventilate your home or workplace. Achieving cross-ventilation need not be a costly matter. You could just open the skylight and let cool and fresh air indoors.

Constant and cool illumination

Natural light is always a good thing. It is agreeable to a person’s mental and spiritual well-being. It is beneficial to the human body in a couple of ways. The right kind of exposure at the right time catalyzes the cascade of Vitamin D formation. Vitamin D is an essential compound in some bodily functions. Also, sunlight brightens our mood and directly influences the part of our brain governing our circadian rhythm. Being more attuned to the sun allows us to perform tasks more effectively.

Considering heat gain


At this time, let us discuss skylight design and installation. Consider the orientation of the rooftop opening to maximize available daylight without the disadvantage of excessive and unwanted heat gain. The orientation must consider the potential for illumination during winter months as well. Solar heat gain is an important matter to factor in, and it may be wise to figure in the estimate the attachment of a window covering. Your advantages in the cold months should not lead to a huge disadvantage in the summer.

A few notes on glazing

Glass is a popular glazing material, but plastic is more readily available. The purpose of glazing is heat control for skylight windows. More importantly, glazing protects human skin, which can accumulate damage through the years with relentless low-level exposure to solar radiation.

Plastic glazing utilizes polycarbonate compounds and acrylics. Without additional ultraviolet (UV) protection plastic does not offer any protection from harmful solar radiation. Yet, it is popular because plastic glazing is economical. The main disadvantage of plastic glazing is discoloration and premature defacement.

Meanwhile, a glass atrium window is pretty to look at. Glass is a classic choice because of its durability and clarity. Laminated or tempered glass offers many advantages over plastic, but it is more costly for sure. It is possible to block more than 99 percent of solar radiation with the right kind of solar film. Ask for this kind of protection from a manufacturer of skylight windows.

A proper skylight removes the need for additional artificial lighting. With the right design, a skylight window allows for natural ventilation and contributes to significant improvement in indoor air quality. Are you ready to increase the value of your property (and put cheer back into the room) with a new skylight?

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