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One of the focal points of a kitchen’s design is its counter-tops. The choice of material for your counter-tops and its design will affect the ultimate look and function of your kitchen. The toughest and most versatile material currently used for kitchen counter-tops is granite.

According to Accent Interiors, an expert in granite countertops in Salt Lake City, most homeowners think that countertops can be expensive. This is far from reality. Granite is one of the most affordable materials in terms of upfront costs, installation and maintenance. It will transform your kitchen into a stylish haven you will always want to work in and show off. Here are the latest trends in granite kitchen countertops.

Cool and Soothing Colors

Calm and soothing tones are the popular ones when it comes to kitchen counter-tops. Beautiful grey hues with hints of pearl, copper and gold add warmth to your kitchen and open it up. Gray counters could mix well with any color and have a sleek and fresh appearance. White is another option to make your kitchen appear spacious and open. It is the best counter-top color for small kitchens.


Straight counter-top lines are no longer the only option. Curved surfaces and counters are the current kitchen trend. You can mix the vertical lines of your kitchen cabinets with bold, sweeping curves on your counter-tops. These curves make your kitchen appear spacious and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Slab Granite Countertops

More and more homeowners are opting for slab granite countertops rather than tile granite. Solid slab granite has very few grout lines and sometimes none at all. Though they are more expensive to buy and install, solid slab granite has a higher aesthetic appeal compared to tile granite.

There has been a significant shift from the generic patterns and designs of granite counters. People are now experimenting with vivid patterns and bold, dramatic designs. Some designers also give their clients a chance to select a customized pattern to suit their specific tastes.

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