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When the summer months arrive, keeping cool is a number one priority for people, but their pets can suffer from excessive heat, too. It’s just as important to ensure they stay cool and comfortable in warm weather. People know when they get too hot and can take measures to prevent overheating.

Animals cannot communicate this, and they are less able to cool themselves down. Dogs are frequent victims of excessive heat.

Signs of a Heat Stroke in a Dog

Signs of overheating in a dog include heavy panting, glassy eyes, vomiting, drooling, excessive thirst, collapse or altered consciousness, fever, a dark-colored tongue or a staggering gait.

You can help canine victims of heatstroke by removing him from the hot area, preferably into an air-conditioned area and offering him water if he is conscious. You should call a veterinarian.

Ways to Prevent Overheating

  1. Provide drinking water to the dog all day. Make sure it is topped up when it gets low. Place a bowl of water outside too, for the times when the dog is outdoors.
  2. Don’t put the dog outside for very long during peak temperatures. Only walk him in the morning or evening when it is cooler. The rest of the time, he should be in an air-conditioned house. AC installation specialists in Gastonia, NC such as Dilling Heating & Cooling can keep the AC unit in good order or install a new one to keep the home cool for him.
  3. Don’t walk the dog on sidewalks. Hot concrete burns their paws and causes pain and injury. Stick to grassy areas or wait for cooler temperatures.
  4. Don’t leave the dog in a car. Just like babies, dogs can die within minutes when left in a hot car. When the temperature is 78 degrees, it can skyrocket to 100 degrees in just a few minutes. Dogs don’t sweat so the only way they can protect themselves from the sun is by panting. They can quickly sustain brain damage or die. Dogs are better off left indoors when their owners must go out.

Dogs suffer from “overheat”, too, and they like a cool air-conditioned environment and lots of hydration just like you.

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