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Ogden is an important part of Utah’s history. It is the nearest large town to Promontory Summit, where the Golden Spike was used to connect the First Transcontinental Railroad. It is also a great spot for skiing as it is very close to the Great Salt Lake, a well-known ski resort area. The beauty of nature extends to the city as commercial lawn care in Ogden remains one of the main preoccupations of its residents.

Historic Significance

The city is full of historic landmarks and points of interest. It has maintained its frontier roots with buildings which date to the mid-19th century. History buffs should not miss the Union Station, which at one point was the most important train junction in the country.

The intercontinental trains going to and from California and other points west passed through Ogden on their way to their destinations. The City also has the Utah State Railroad Museum which houses several important and historic trains.

Man ready to take care of the commercial lawnThe Ogden Dinosaur Park and Museum is home to more than a hundred life-size replicas of these pre-historic creatures. Officially, it is called the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park. The six-acre site has outdoor exhibits complete with sound effects. It also has a large collection of dinosaur fossils excavated in Utah and around the world.

Parks and Greens

Besides the ski resorts, Ogden also has the Cold Springs Trout Farm, and the Ogden Nature Center, the Ogden Botanical Gardens. The significance of keeping greenery well-maintained helps the beauty of the commercial and business district. Ogden is a city nestling in a valley surrounded by lovely mountain views. It is a sight to see when visitors go down from the valley.

Nature’s beauty can be easy to preserve. However, it takes the dedicated work of landscape artists to make it look natural but well-kept. For many residents, the City provides scenic locations aside from historic attractions. Ogden’s gardens and lawns are an attraction from any angle, and this makes commercial landscaping a requirement for any business or residence in the area.

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