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Six seconds. That’s how long it takes an average burglar to break into your garage. With the help of a wire hanger, a skilled burglar can break into your garage, steal your car, and gain entry into your home.

In most cases, break-ins happen if you don’t disable the emergency release lever, fail to remove the cord that is attached to the lever, or lock the release lever that helps a burglar from releasing the bar.

As Infinite Garage Doors and other reputable brands in the industry noted, retaining the services of a leading firm in roller door repairs can help you take these precautions and keep off intruders. Here are some extra precautions to keep your garage safe and secure:

Don’t invite the burglar

Burglars often go to great lengths to refine their skills because they don’t want to risk discovery. As such, they tend to tread carefully and only strike when an opportunity presents itself. You can frustrate their effort by making it impossible to break into your garage.

Low garage windows offer thieves the opportunity to access the score before breaking in to retrieve it. Clean windows provide them with an unrestricted view of your expensive tools and equipment from the outside. Covering the garage windows with newspapers obscures this view, making your garage an unlikely target. You can also opt to install shades in the garage and obscure the view.

Never leave the garage opener in the car

Criminals are getting smarter every day and are exploiting common security weaknesses for selfish gains. Leaving a garage opener in the car puts your entire home security at risk. In the unfortunate event that a criminal steals your vehicle while you’re at work, they can end up inside your house.

Burglars are increasingly breaking into parked cars and using its navigation system to trace your home address. If they get their hands on your garage opener, the criminals can roll up to your house like they own the place. Even your neighbours wouldn’t be any wiser to think that something is wrong.

A burglar only needs to open the garage without getting out of the car and drive the car inside. If the doors leading to the rest of the house are unlocked, the burglar has unrestricted access to your home and rob you blind. In addition to keeping the garage door safe at all times, you should secure the door into your house with a robust and durable lock.

Double down on preventive maintenance

Install CCTV

Given that your garage affects the safety of your home, you must keep them in great shape. You want the doors to work each time you use your remote controller or pull them down. Regular preventive repair and maintenance ensure that you’ll never run into trouble.

This means that you’ll never be forced to leave the garage partially open because the doors are jammed again. You can have an expert look at your garage door at least once every six months or at least once a year. They will identify and handle any potential issue long before it complicates.

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