James Mitchell

Blending style with functionality and personal growth, inspired living seeks to empower the individual to become better versions of themselves through creative and inspired spaces. By creating living and work spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, inspired living creates comfort to soothe our psyches, while also nurturing our best qualities and brings it to the foreground. Aligning your lifestyle and the design layout of your home and work spaces creates a beneficial symbiotic relationship between you and your environment; one that inspires creativity.

Finding inspiration to self-betterment can be a long and arduous process. But sometimes, the first step to living an inspired life is to re-think and re-organize the spaces that you encounter. Creating a space that facilitates creativity and fosters inspiration can shape the way that we resolve issues, both personal and professional.

Space and Light

An environment that promotes growth, both mental and physical, is an effective way to foster inspiration. Creating a space that is conducive to inspiration requires just that: space. Organizing a room to have more space for your mind and body to wander also serves the functional purpose of de-cluttering; making sure that every inch of available space is utilized to its fullest potential. Designing a room with a minimalist mindset can greatly reduce clutter and unnecessary pieces of furniture.

Good natural light is not only proven to enhance creativity in artists, but it also gives your space a more expansive feel. While this may be challenging in some homes, given structural limitations and such, it’s possible to recreate natural light with the right bulbs and placement. Make sure to use indirect, diffused bulbs to minimize harsh, stark light in favor of a softer and more even glow. Mix, match, and experiment with different bulbs and placements until you find the most natural and most conducive lighting for your space.

Create Creativity

Creating a space that fosters creativity is a subjective endeavor, simply because the definition of what makes something creative differs from person to person. Finding out your personal definition of creativity is the first step to creating creative spaces.

Surrounding a space with artistic pieces that inspire beauty has been shown to increase productivity and allow more outside-the-box ideas. This is because the aesthetic value of artistic pieces inspires a person and leads them to want to create beauty, as well.

Ensuring that a space is de-cluttered also helps in maximizing a person’s creative energies. Although, it’s worth noting that de-cluttered does not necessarily mean clean and extremely organized; de-cluttered simply means that all your tools are available to you in the most efficient manner.

Studies have shown that pieces inspired by nature – wooden accents in furniture, waterfall and rain sounds, and plants – all contribute to a growing sense of peace and calm, both of which foster a positive effect on personal well-being.

Creating an inspired space that is fully personalized is beneficial to inspired living because it gives a person something to look forward to coming home, as well as sets a positive tone for each new day.

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