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Plenty of homeowners have solved the issue of making a small space bigger by building an extension or knocking down a wall or two. But what if you don’t have the luxury of a massive renovation and want to make your living space feel and look bigger? Whether you utilise your living space for entertaining, relaxing and winding down after a long, stressful day, or all of the above, you can maximise the space with some clever tips and tricks.

Opt for One Huge Sofa

You might think that a huge sofa would make an already cramped space more cramped, but since it’s just one piece of furniture, it would actually ground and make your living space feel so much larger than it is. Placed on the edge of your living space, a massive sofa would keep the seating restricted to one area, and won’t block the room’s visual space. Your living room will likewise look and feel more spacious and uncluttered with just a single hero piece in the space. Keep this in mind when browsing for a sofa in your go-to online furniture store in Singapore. But if one oversized sofa isn’t enough and you require extra seating, opt for pieces that you can easily stow away or those that can serve multiple purposes—a daybed that could be used as a bed for guests or ottomans that could be used as tables and storage.

Build a Cosy Cocoon

Use cosy and calming colours, ambient lighting, and cushy seating to transform your living space into an inviting sanctuary, ideal for relaxing evenings and gatherings. An ottoman or coffee table placed smack in the middle of your seating arrangement will help shift focus to your living room’s centre and make it feel more intimate instead of cramped or small.

Maximise All Available Visual Space

small living room

There are many different visual tricks to maximise available space in a small room. For instance, if you must use dividers, opt for glass doors with curtains for privacy, and if you need a coffee table, opt for one with a glass or clear top to make it blend in. You can likewise opt for shallow shelving so they won’t cut into the space and hanging lighting fixtures instead placing them on the floor or table.

Go Vertical

This is one of the most commonly used tricks of interior designers because after all when a space lacks ample floor space, the best way to go is up. It’s really one of the best design tricks, especially in spaces that require more storage. Opt for floor to ceiling cabinets or shelves that will trick the eye and make the space look taller. You can also mount a massive mirror to give the space a sense of being larger than it is and help bounce around light.

See? You don’t necessarily have to spend that much money or knock down a wall just to get more space. Sometimes, all you need are some smart design tricks to give a small living space a major boost.

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