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Florida was the inspiration behind the invention of air conditioners, and most of us cannot live without them since the 1830s. However, one thing that can we can surely go without is AC noise. Air conditioning units make a racket for a variety of reasons. Usually, the sounds come from the fan due to air friction forced on their rotating blades. Some components can also become loud because of vibration.

Air conditioning units have various parts to cool the air and guarantee air circulation in houses. Some of these parts include refrigerants, fans, evaporators, condenser coils, and compressors. Improvements in technology have allowed businesses to significantly reduce the energy consumption of air conditioners while simultaneously eliminating noise concerns.

Before, conventional air conditioners made a lot of noise when starting up. In addition, they were loud whenever they were on. Unfortunately, there was no way to counter the sound emitted during operation. Many people were satisfied with the cooling that a noisy AC unit provided. However, over time, the continuous buzzing of the rustic condensing unit and big indoor fans were enough to drive the most ardent enthusiasts of air conditioning to their knees.

These days, there are several ways to counter your air conditioner’s noise. Still, the best way to quiet your house and community involves making an educated choice about your next primary air conditioner. If you want to go comparison shopping, you should look for units that have noise-reduction technology.

While AC noise is perfectly normal, it is not music to the ears, especially at night. Fortunately, an expert in air conditioning in Riverview will tell you that you can silence your annoying equipment. Here are the things that you can do to enjoy the peace while staying cool and comfortable at home:

Build a Fence

Loud ac unit being repaired

Barricade the outdoor unit of your AC with wood or shrubbery to keep the noise from traveling through the air. To get excellent results, the tip of the fence should be higher than the top of your unit. Make sure to provide clearance of several feet to ensure proper ventilation and make it easier to maintain.

The use of sound blankets can also dampen lingering noises. You will not notice that your AC is running, and your neighbors will thank you for it.

Schedule an Inspection

Usually, ailing ACs cry for help by making strange sounds. Banging, clanking, clicking, buzzing, squealing, screaming, and rattling are some of the things that you might suddenly hear. Not all of them constitute something serious. Nonetheless, you should call a qualified technician to investigate further. In many cases, basic tune-ups can resolve the problem.

Upgrade to a Better Unit

Is your old AC too old to justify minor repairs? Strongly consider getting new equipment designed with noise-abating features. Manufacturers these days apply insulation around the compressor, capitalize on improved venting technologies, and use variable-speed blower fans to muffle all-too-common sounds.

In the end, air conditioning units and serenity are not mutually exclusive. There is always a viable solution for noise reduction regardless of the cooling unit that you have.

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