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Electronics such as computers, smart TVs, or video game equipment, can be a few of the most difficult things to pack before moving day. If you’re not able to do it properly, you can put your high-dollar investments at risk of damage. To make sure that you’re ready before your moving service provider arrives, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when packing and moving electronic gadgets and equipment.

Keep a Back-Up (or Two)

Before you put your computer in a moving box, create a backup of all your electronic files in either a USB or external storage. Moving companies will ensure that your items will be taken care of while in transit. But for your peace of mind, an extra copy of your work or school files will serve as insurance in case an unfortunate event happens during the move.

Take Pictures

What do most electronic devices have in common? They have cables, and some devices have lots of them. Take pictures of how cables are plugged before unplugging and packing them. This way, you can easily look at the pictures you’ve taken when you begin re-assembling your electronic devices. Otherwise, you might just end up wasting a lot of time and energy figuring out what cable goes to which dock.

Clean Them Up

Even if you use your TV, Blu-Ray player, sound system, or gaming equipment regularly, some dust particles may still accumulate, especially on the corners. Before placing your electronics in a box, clean them up a bit. Also, make sure that no discs, ink cartridges, or batteries are left inside the devices before you pack them.

Put all Accessories in a Bag

Place the cables, remote controls, and instruction manuals of each device in separate bags. As an extra measure, label each bag accordingly so you can easily identify what accessories belong to which device. This may take a little more of your time but sorting the accessories will make re-assembling your devices easier once you’ve moved into your new home.

Wrap Your Electronics

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Electronic devices can be easily prone to dust, liquid or cracks when left exposed to the elements. Wrapping your electronics in linen, bubble or shrink wrap can help prevent damage when they are loaded, transported, and unloaded.

Label the Boxes

If you are able to keep the original boxes of your electronics, it is ideal for you to use them for packing. Otherwise, you can ask your moving company for advice. Moving companies also offer packing services to help you wrap and pack your electronic devices.

Make sure to label each box “Fragile” and “This Side Up” to alert movers on the proper handling and placement of each box.

Ask about the Storage Temperature

Electronic devices like TVs and computers may need to be stored in climate-controlled units. It is important to ask your moving company on how they handle these types of equipment.

Make an Inventory

Make a list of all the items that you have placed in each box. Doing this will make it easier for you to keep track whether all the items that you packed are complete and undamaged once they are delivered to your new home.

It is important that you put extra care in packing your electronics. You’ve invested a lot of your hard-earned income in buying your electronics devices so it is important that they make it to your new home in one piece and in good condition.

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