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The flooring in your bedroom is immensely vital. Think about this: it is the last thing your feet will feel before you climb into your plush bed for a restful sleep. It is also the first thing your feet will touch upon waking up in the morning. It is a very practical option, adding acoustics and warmth to a space meant for rest and relaxation. That being said, below are some vital things you need to consider when planning on getting carpeting for your sanctuary:

Design of the Bedroom

Generally speaking, it has to connect with the rest of your colour palette and complement all the other textures in your bedroom. Consider the finish and colour of your walls, bedding, window treatments, and style of furniture. Make sure that the carpet will complement your room’s focal point instead of overpowering it. If you are looking for versatility, the most suitable carpet colours include sand, taupe, and charcoal. However, if you have small kids and pets coming in and out of your room, choose a midtone carpet colour. Carpet cleaning is easy as the colour will mask stains and dust.

Type, Density, and Height of Pile

When choosing pile, it is crucial to keep your room’s aesthetic and function in mind. For instance, twist and pile styles will offer you a more upscale look. If your bedroom has various textural elements, you might want to go with textured or loop carpet. If your pets are allowed to go inside your room, opt for a twist style so that their claws will not get stuck in the fibres. If you want that luxe hotel feel, consider plush, long pile carpeting. However, if you want a more practical option, go with tight, short pile, which is more hard-wearing and shows less indentation and wear.

Carpet Material

living room with carpet floor

You have various materials to consider, including nylon, wool, nylon-wool blends, and more upscale choices such as wool-silk blends and alpaca. Pure wool is the best option if you want softness, graceful ageing, and luxury. Aside from its insulating properties, it is also sustainable, natural, and easily maintainable. But don’t rule out nylon just yet, especially the updated version. It is more stain-resistant, durable, and cost-effective than pure wool carpeting. If you want luxury and practicality, opt for a wool blend that will offer you the ritzy look of wool and the durability of nylon.

With many options to choose from, deciding on the best one for your bedroom could be difficult. When looking at your options, go to the showroom armed with images of carpets that you like and design elements of your bedroom. Once you have your shortlist of options, get some sample to take home with you so that you can see how they look like under different lighting and different times throughout the day. Do not forget to test your chosen carpets—the softness test, for instance. It is simple—you just have to slip off your shoes and feel the softness of the carpet.

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