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High-growth investors who wish to diversify their assets often consider buying and/or selling international real estate to bank on the favor of the overseas appeal. Property owners all over the world have a common mindset when it comes to property investment: Don’t just go local and extend your reach globally. European and Mediterranean properties are particularly hot because of their old world charm and high growth potential. That said, if you own viable property in locations such as Amsterdam or Athens, it might be ideal to hire commercial landscaping services or an architect to see what can be done to boost its resale value.

When you have a property that you want to sell, don’t just get it listed “as is” because you won’t get to maximize its value. There are ways to increase the sale price of your real estate without needing to spend so much on the effort.

1. Make improvements on your property

Minor cosmetic repairs such as a new paint job and fixtures, fresh wallpaper, carpeting, and other interior and exterior style and functional elements can drastically increase the sale price of your property. These are relatively low-cost projects. If you have some funds to spare and can make a small sacrifice in exchange for a higher future return on investment, you can make significant improvements, such new toilet facilities, a brand new facade, reconstructed ceilings and flooring, and more.

2. Add new amenities

Installing a fast Wi-Fi connection for the entire property or building, a zen garden, or playground can increase the value of a commercial real estate. By adding extra attractions to the area, you boost its appeal by turning it into a place where people will want to be in. For the buyers of commercial real estate, foot traffic is essential and is a key part of determining its growth potential and value.

3. Change how your property is being used

Was your property previously used as a storage facility? You might want to market it as a possible site for a convention center, a hotel, a condo or whatever high-value project that would fit in the community. Observe the neighborhood where the property is located and determine if the community would benefit from having a different structure in your location. Changing the intended use of a commercial property can have a major impact on its resale value.

4. Make room for parking

If your property had limited space for parking before, you might want to open up some sections to make way for more parking slots. This is a huge plus not just for the people who are planning to buy your property but also for their customers or visitors. Commercial property hunters list parking as a huge factor in choosing the next real estate to invest in. This is especially important if you are located in the business district, where space is precious.

5. Reduce the property’s operating expenses

solar panels installed in a home's roof

If your property still runs on legacy processes, it’s time to make a change toward the more modern, time-saving, and cost-efficient systems. For example, replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lights will help cut your electricity bills by half. You might also want to install solar panels to reduce your energy expenses to almost zero. It will require a little spending at the beginning because you’re converting to a new system, but it will save you more money in the long run, in addition to improving the value of your real estate.

Investing in properties located overseas is much like how it is with local real estate. Before you buy or sell any structure or area, be sure that all renovations, sale processes, and contracts fall within the guidelines set by the government where it is located.

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