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Remote work has gained traction in Australia. You might be working from home yourself, but how can you work at home if you have children? Children are noisy and have many needs. Work entails several obligations, too. By working at home, you face the challenge of caring for your children while still being productive at work. To save yourself from further stress, you can order a sizeable garden shed from an outdoor storage company. You can turn the shed into a separate home office where you can get things done!

Your Roles as Parent and Employee

You feed, play, dress, bathe, educate, and discipline your children. All of these tasks contribute to your child’s development into an independent, respectable person. On the other hand, you type documents, draw up plans, attend meetings, and accomplish other tasks for work. These contribute to your company’s business, which in turn helps you earn your living.

Chaos from Both Worlds

Both your worlds of parenthood and work sadly collide when you work from home. Children, especially infants, need care for most of the day. Your work needs to be tended to most of the day, too. How can you balance your responsibilities then?

Draw the Line: Separate Your Office

To best balance work and parenthood, you can set a clear physical boundary between your children and work. In this way, you organize your life better. You can also gain a stronger semblance of when to be an employee and when to be a parent. Your children can benefit from this boundary as well. They can learn to keep away from you when the limit is established.

To this end, you can build a garden shed. You can use this garden shed as an outdoor office. The shed acts as your child barrier when you need to get things done at work. It is a clear boundary that both you and your children can learn to respect.

Design the Space

 working from home

Now, of course, you still need to optimize your new garden shed to be a fully functional office. Place much-needed furniture and décor. You can also add speakers if you need auditory ambiance. A printer and phone can also come in handy. In terms of the arrangement, remember to place things you need within an arm’s reach. Design your office the way you want and need it to be.

Teach Your Children About the Boundary

Next, you have to discuss with your children, if they are old enough to understand you. You can teach them to respect your space when you are in the garden shed. Afterward, reassure them that you will still be taking care of them even though you have work to do. When you and our children are both on the same page, your work-parenthood balance evens out.

When you have infant children, a hired caregiver can be a significant contribution to your garden office. Again, discuss with your caregiver your work boundaries, but make sure to keep in touch. Your caregiver must be able to catch your attention in case of emergencies quickly.

Enjoy the Balance

When you have your office set up, and your children are taken care of, you can finally get to work seamlessly. You have now brought order to the chaos that children and work bring at home.

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