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If you plan to build a custom energy-efficient home this year, the average price ranges between $350,000 and $1.5 million. Take note that your location will be a key factor for determining the actual price.

For instance, a custom home builder in Utah could charge more or less than the average price depending on your desired features. While there are many things to consider when building a house from scratch, you should prioritize sustainability for the biggest possible return on investment. However, keep in mind that your home should still reflect the common style of homes in your community.

Custom Building Methods

There are two options for proceeding with a custom home construction. The first requires the help of an architect, while the other involves a design-build contractor. A design professional will account for 5% to 15% of the overall project expenses, while design-build contractors normally charge $1.5 per square foot for their service.

Those who want their plans to materialize as accurately as possible should consider hiring an architect, although many design-build contractors have in-house architects. This will be more convenient since you only need to hire a single service provider. You could also save money since most architects charge at least $60 per hour for their cost of labor.

Other Home Construction Options

men constructing prefabricated houseIf custom home construction is too expensive for you, some affordable options include modular houses. These are built in a remote location before being assembled on job site. Otherwise known as prefabricated homes, each one costs between $50,000 and $300,000. You can choose between panel-constructed and modular-built homes

Panel construction hasten the construction process because of faster deliveries of panels compared to modular sections of a house. On the other hand, modular construction doesn’t include a garage or porch. If you can’t decide, a combination of both construction techniques is possible.

Why Energy Efficiency Is Important

The rising cost of electricity has led more people to become more conscious of energy-efficient systems for their homes. Building a home from the ground up is the perfect time to envision its energy performance. Your chosen contractor should use materials that meet the basic standards for energy efficiency.

These materials could range from window coatings to the color of the roof. Aside from materials, another way to create a sustainable house involves the use of efficient water systems and HVAC units. The National Green Building Association provides different resources for maintaining an eco-friendly house, while still allowing your home to blend in with other properties. Remember that the return on investment on sustainable houses depends on where it is located. A million-dollar house would still cost less if it’s in a market where the median price is just below $300,000.


Whichever type of home you construction you prefer, it’s important to consult a residential contractor to find out the right project for your chosen location. Consider a company that specializes in green building techniques. A sustainable home with green certification will have a higher resale value, which will be helpful in case you plan to sell it in the future.

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