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Utah home owners who plan on building an outdoor fireplace should set their budget at $3,000, which is the national average for this year. The size and material will affect the total cost, aside from where you live in the state.

If you plan to build a custom fireplace in Salt Lake City, you should expect the expenses to reach up to $20,000. While it could be unaffordable for some, those who manage to pull off the project will be rewarded with a higher-valued home. This will be useful when the time comes that you need to put your house for resale.

Different Materials And Prices

In case design is not an issue, you should choose a prefabricated kit that only costs at least $1,500. Otherwise, you would need to find a decent amount of space for the fireplace for a customized project. This can cost even more than $20,000, so finding the right materials and contractor will be important.

Some of the common materials used for an outdoor fireplace include brick, metal and stone. The first two tend to cost up to $8,000 each without any customizations. These choices are both good for creating a functional outdoor kitchen that has a pizza oven or grill. On the other hand, metal fireplaces complement a modern landscape design. Prices are cheap from $100 to $500 for prefabricated variants.

Choosing The Fuel Type

The type of fuel for your fireplace will be another thing to consider when creating outdoor fireplaces. Wooden sources are the most expensive with prices ranging between $1,000 and $20,000. By contrast, electric and propane furnaces are the cheapest at $200 each.

While the upfront cost may be smaller, think about the long-term costs of using electric fireplaces especially if you plan to use it more often. But if curb appeal matters to you, then an electric one will be the better choice. Propane fireplaces also need a tank, and this costs up to $500 per year. You could choose to install a natural gas type that may convert it into propane, by using a $50 kit.

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Cleaning And Maintenance

Homes with outdoor fireplaces require regular cleaning to remain in good condition. Pick gas types since these require little to no maintenance at all. Wood-burning fireplaces tend to emit the largest amount of smoke, which shouldn’t be black before you decide to clean it. One way to avoid this requires constant removal of ashes with a heavy-duty vacuum.

An alternative involves the use of wet tea leaves and ground coffee beans for a better smell and less dust. Hire a professional cleaner at once or twice a year for proper maintenance.


It’s not easy to choose the perfect type of fireplace for the outdoors, so consult a professional to be more familiar with the technical aspects of building one. When choosing among different contracts, ask for at least three quotes to compare the best rates for your budget. How much are you willing to spend on an outdoor fireplace?

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