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Homeowners with a bed bug infestation could spend between $300 and $5,000 for a pest control service. On average, you should expect to spend $1,750 on each visit depending on the scope of infested areas.

Take note that you may need multiple visits from a pest control service provider to get rid of the problem completely. In Massachusetts, the cost of hiring a contractor will depend on where you live in the state. A bed bug exterminator in Quincy, MA may be less expensive than hiring a similar company in Boston. Aside from the location, other factors that affect the actual cost include the type of treatment and the size of your house.

Factors That Affect Rates

A studio or one-bedroom apartment that needs extermination will cost between $300 and $900 per visit. A two- or three-bedroom house costs from $400 and $1,200 per visit, while an entire home treatment may cost up to $2,500 per visit. Some problems can be solved in just two to three sessions.

In terms of treatment type, steam is the most expensive with prices ranging from $250 and $1,000 for each room. Chemicals and pesticides will cost at least $100 per room, while fumigation ranges from $4 to $7.5 per square foot of space. Steam is your best choice if you dislike the use of harsh chemicals at home since it can eradicate both adult bed bugs and their eggs. In case the problem affects more than one room, consider fumigation that kills other insects at the same time. The caveat, though, requires you to be out of your house for some days.

You could also pay for a canine service offered by pest control companies. While professionals are experts on identifying infestations, trained dogs have higher accuracy of spotting bugs especially those that are lurking within crevices. Costs vary among different companies, but the usual price ranges between $400 and $4,000.

What You Should Do

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General cleaning should be the first thing you should do when expecting a visit from a pest exterminator. It’s advisable not to use any over-the-counter pesticides since these aren’t proven to kill all bugs. These also cause the insects to move out of their hiding space and seek a safer place, which only makes the problem much worse.

Remember to vacuum your home before each visit to remove dead insects and eggs, but make sure to dispose of the bag properly. If you suspect the bugs to be hiding in the closet, wash your clothes in hot water. Those who live with children and pets should keep them out of the treated area for as long as the contractor’s advice.

Bed bug extermination requires more than just one visit from a pest control company, which means that this could be a costly expense. Once solved, you should be able to take the necessary steps to prevent another occurrence. When choosing a contractor, you should hire a licensed professional especially if you want the use of chemicals for your home.

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