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Residents in Utah should expect to spend $172 on average to get rid of ants in their homes, although some may pay as low as $50 up to $500.

At the first signs of an ant infestation, it is essential to contact a professional immediately. If you are looking for ant control services in Salt Lake City, the price of hiring a pest exterminator will cost less than letting the problem go unattended. Carpenter ants are an example. Despite their small size, these insects can cause up to $10,000 worth of damages to property. When choosing a contractor, find one that specializes in different pests to see if you might have other problems aside from ants.

How Carpenter Ants Cause Damages

The damage caused by carpenters ants bears some resemblance to a termite infestation. You can see the difference by checking the ants’ trail from the infested area, which usually appears to be smooth and sanded. On the other hand, termite tunnels are rough and have a mud-like appearance. You might still find it hard to distinguish between the two, so having a trained professional is still the better way to figure it out.

Ongoing vs. One-time Service

Some types of problems require a one-time fix, while others will need a recurring solution. Those who experience pest issues for the first time will likely need just a single visit from a local pest control company. If the problem resurfaces, it may be time to consider an ongoing contract.

The actual price of hiring a continuous pest extermination service will depend on the number of visits, the size of your home and kind of pests. Monthly visits cost between $40 and $45 on average, while once every two months will cost from $50 to $60 on average. Quarterly services are the most expensive at $100 and $300 on average. Before each visit, you can prepare your home by keeping all food sources adequately stored, and trash should be disposed of regularly.

If you have pets, make sure that their bowls have no traces of leftover food. Remember that pest control might not be possible as frequently as you would like, and the results may not instantly be recognizable.

Natural Ant Repellents

black ants in the houseAnts that cause damage to your garden can be solved through companion planting of lavender, sage, and tansy around other plants and flowers. Some types of plants are unable to bloom well when placed with these plants.

In this case, it might be better to scatter the leaves to keep ants away, while ensuring that the plants stay alive at the same time. You should consult a landscaper for other alternatives, especially if you have specific allergies.

Pest control is not a DIY project, especially if it involves the use of chemicals. Ask for at least three quotes from different service providers to compare the best rates, and do not forget to ask for a detailed list of expenses for each quote. How much are you willing to spend on pest extermination?

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