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Are you looking to improve your bathroom? If so, you’re going to need to choose the best bathroom countertops. These can greatly impact the look and feel of your new space. Let’s go over some expert tips on deciding which to choose.

One thing you should consider is the vanity base.

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If you replace the top of the old vanity or purchase the new one without a top, you will be able to customize your bathroom decor. Next is to consider care and maintenance on the vanity. You’ll want to use cleansers that won’t scratch or damage the vanity’s top surface.

One type you can consider is laminate tops. These are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. They’re stain-resistant, affordable, and easy to clean. Another popular type is glass. These are sleek and modern, with just one easy piece to install. They are stain-resistant, but not scratch-resistant. They’re moderately priced.

Quartz is moderately priced and has an anti-microbial composite material. It’s ideal for high-use bathrooms, resists scratches and stains, and won’t need polished. Tavertine is moderately priced natural stone with a high-end look. It’s not stain or acid-resistant and will need regular sealing.

View the video that’s linked for more insights into the bathroom vanity world and find the best bathroom countertops for you.

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