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A home renovation means considering multiple factors, from the state of your yard to the layout of your indoor space. One other aspect to improving your property could be its heating system. You might not think it, but an efficient heater could save you money on future heating repair in Herriman.

The right heating system can also ensure you only pay what you need when your energy bill arrives. With heating bills taking up a significant portion of your budget, considerable savings could be had when you plan for this appliance in your home renovation.

But how do you do it?

Inspect the Building

If you live in a high rise or an apartment building, you’ll have one heater for all the residents. Some buildings use boilers, which uses hot water; others use furnaces, which use hot or warm air. Then there are buildings using a hybrid system. These heating systems could be powered by electricity, gas, or oil.

Find out what your building uses and determine their efficiency in keeping you comfortable throughout the year. If your building uses a system that contributes to the loss of at least 30 percent of heat in your apartment, you may need to improve your windows and add secondary glazing. This may lead to a significant reduction in heating demand.

Think Green

Think eco-friendly options when you live in a single-family home. These will include solar heating, geothermal heating, and masonry heaters. Of the three, solar heating is the greenest solution with higher energy efficiency that may leave you heating your home for free. Of course, you’ll have to spend for the solar panels and the installation, but once you use it you’ll be able to heat your home without worrying about your heating bill.

Geothermal heating also uses up less energy to warm up your home, or get it to a comfortable temperature. Like solar, it may require a hefty initial investment because it is installed beneath the earth.  And much like solar heating, it may add value to your property, allowing you to resell easier in the future.

As for masonry heater, this eco-friendly heating system generates heat up to 24 hours by trapping heat in bricks. It does look like a fireplace and does burn wood, but it calls for less supply as it burns slower than traditional wood stoves. What’s most ideal about this heater is the customization options, allowing you enhance your interior space.

Evaluate Your Home

Man inspecting heating system

Lastly, no heating system will ever be efficient enough if your home gives way to leaks. Windows, doors, walls, and floors could allow heat to escape because of drafty spots. So you’ll need to get an energy audit of your home.

Energy audits determine the energy performance of any property. It will check your insulation, ventilation, heating, and hot water production. The collected information will help you choose which heating system to use, which areas to focus on, and other areas to improve.

A home renovation doesn’t just have to be about the aesthetic of your interior and exterior spaces, the layout, and the appliances. With your heating system included in the plan, your home improvement project could pay off in the long run through cheaper energy bills and greater property value.

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