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Being able to retouch a few things at home is an empowering feeling. You are in control and you make the rules. It’s also a great way to spend time alone or bond with family members. And on top of that all, you get to save your hard-earned money.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can do repairs and renovations by yourself all the time. Safety is an important thing you should be paying attention to. One wrong move during your DIY project can lead to potential disasters in the future.

To help you understand which projects you can DIY and which you can’t, read on.

1. Removing an entire wall

You may be thinking that it is a great idea to just remove one wall so you can have more kitchen space. You may be correct, but that doesn’t mean you are the one to swing a sledgehammer. You risk your ceiling caving in by removing an entire wall. You may want a larger kitchen, but are you willing to trade that for lack of ceiling?

For projects that may affect the structure of the house, enlist the services of companies such as NorthWest Engineering Services, Inc. Engineering services also include building surveys. In this process, they evaluate a structure if it’s still in a healthy state. That can help you identify problems with your house.

Early detection of structural issues will help you save tons because s you know, prevention is better than cure. Some peace of mind comes with knowing your house is not gonna collapse anytime.

2. Installing new light fixtures

Replacing a busted light bulb is something everybody should know how to do. But, installing new light fixtures is something everybody should not try.

Maybe you’ve purchased a set of elegant pendant-style light fixtures. You want to install them in the kitchen to add a fresh vibe. And you are thinking that it doesn’t take a while to install a light fixture so maybe, you can do it yourself.

No, don’t even attempt to refresh your memory of the relation of current, voltage, and resistance from your high school physics. Just because it takes a short time to do something, doesn’t mean you will do it yourself.

Be especially careful around electrical work. There is always the risk of electrocution. Installing light fixtures may require extending a power line to the spot you want to install them. Incorrect wiring can lead to overloading and can cause your circuit breaker to pop.

They can also cause damage to your existing electric outlets that will cost a lot to repair. Wide knowledge of electrical systems and years of experience are every electrician’s edge over you.

3. Replacing old windows


Windows can change your everyday living experience at home. The amount of sunlight you get and the general aesthetics add to the experience. However, those are not the only things that your windows do. They also contribute a lot to the air conditioning and heating systems inside your house. When your windows are not properly installed, hot and cold air will start leaking eventually.

This should give you an idea that taking out your old window on your own and replacing it with a new one will not cut it. No matter how scratched or out-of-style your current windows look, don’t rush replacing them.

You can inquire at window companies if installation is included when you purchase from them. If not, you can always contact a contractor to do the work for you. You evade the possibility of paying high electricity bills by doing this.

4. Drilling holes in the wall

Drilling a hole is an easy job if you need the right tools. Get an electric drill and the proper size of drill bit for concrete and you are good to go. However, the question here is not about your ability to use an electric drill.

Drilling holes can lead to accidentally damaging water pipes and electric wiring. It can lead to a gas leak as well.  Unless you are 100 percent sure that there is no wire or pipe inside the wall, it’s best to just play safe.

If the drilling really needs to be done, contact contractors again. They use wall scanning devices to see if there are any wires or pipes inside. You might think that hiring someone else is such a hassle if you are just trying to install a TV bracket. Still, it’s best to not suffer bigger damages just because you thought you could do it yourself.

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