James Mitchell

It’s not easy for an elderly or a handicapped person like you to do physical things such as getting into a bathtub. In spite of your condition, however, you still have to wash regularly. This is to keep yourself clean and free from any kind of bacteria that could cause sickness.

To get into a bathtub, you have to take careful steps to avoid hurting yourself, especially when you live alone. If you happen to live with your family, then you’re in luck because you can ask for help. Well, why put yourself at risk if you can get yourself a tub that’s more friendly to your condition?

Benefits of Using a Handicapped Tub

To make it easy for you to get into a bathtub, there are what you call handicapped tubs. What makes them different is they’re a bit lower than regular tubs and have a small door on the side. This makes it easier for you to get into the tub, as you don’t need to lift your leg high and support yourself so you won’t slip getting into the tub. Another benefit of such tubs is you can enjoy hydrotherapy, giving your muscles a good massage with the water’s temperature and pressure.

How to Buy a Handicapped Tub

When choosing a handicapped tub, make sure that it fits perfectly inside your bathroom. This kind of tub has a door that swings open. Make sure that the tub is just right for the bathroom, even with the door open. Before buying one, check if the door has a leak-proof warranty so it could be replaced without any added cost. As you have to sit in the tub while waiting for it to fill up, choose one that has a fast filling faucet as well.

Having a handicapped tub takes out the worry of slipping or falling while getting in or out of the tub. You can enjoy spending hours relaxing in the tub just like a regular person.

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