James Mitchell

Home is where our heart is—it’s a timeless notion that most people relate to. There’s no other place we spend the most time, feel safe, and store our sentimental items and memories in but at home, so there’s a reason people don’t mind customizing their homes by themselves or with the help of builders.

Making your home a happy haven is always worth a little money and effort, and the good thing about this is it doesn’t have to be costly. Science has ways to make your home or any surrounding happier and therapeutic without you having to break the bank.

It may involve having a new habit too. After all, isn’t real happiness found within? Giving your home a happy vibe maybe just a plus. Here are some tips for you:

Choose happy colors

A colorful life means a happy life, so coat your walls with new paint using colors that boost energy and mood. As per color psychology, we are calmer and happier with bright but adequately saturated hues such as sage green, yellow, or blue.

Yellow gives off an energetic vibe; blue helps us feel calmer; green is the easiest hack to give the room a sense of comfort. If neutral colors for the wall suit you best or you feel like painting a whole new color is too much, make it up with colorful or accented items all around.

Even with a neutral-colored backdrop, you can always supply your home with pieces that pop with colors, such as colorful pillows, accented furniture, emerald desk lamps, or even try a vertical garden filled with greens.

Display items that mean to you

Speaking of a neutral room backdrop, choosing so allows you to highlight your precious collections, coming in all colors and positive memories. Be sure to display in prominence those that give you happy thoughts and feelings.

Learn what objects to get rid of and retain. While you ought to give up things that you have outgrown, don’t toss out those that still trigger joy within you. It’s not much about the object; it’s a question of whether it makes you happy or not.

Even if it’s a medal or trophy from grade school and you still feel joy seeing it, don’t throw it out. Display it instead with four to five pictures of your loved ones or special relationships, the number of which depends on the room’s size, and souvenir items that spark your joy.

Invite more natural light in


Have you noticed that when the sun is shining bright, you feel happier? Most people love summers and hate bleak winters. Why do we feel this way? It’s because when we’re exposed to sunlight, our brain releases serotonin that boosts our mood and helps us feel calm.

Direct sun rays can damage your skin, but balanced exposure can greatly help boost your mental health and overall well-being. So, knowing the effect sunlight gives, take more effort to invite more natural light into your home. Open the blinds, curtains, and windows of your home as much as possible.

But if the sun rays can’t enter enough, you can fake it with lighter lamps or bulbs, especially if you live in darker areas. The sun has a full spectrum of light, which is why you can easily distinguish artificial from natural. Still, newer technologies aim to mimic the shifting colors of the sun throughout the day as much as possible.

Keep your home always clean

You instantly feel relaxed at a hotel because of its cleanliness, making you easily feel settled and cozy. Declutter now and then. Remove all the junk and organize what remains. It’s stressful to have so many items at home since you end up having so many chores instead.

It helps to make your bed every morning too to set up productivity for the whole day. Once you feel anxious, try cleaning the kitchen or other place in your home to ease up your nerves. It feels relieving not to have the dishes or other chores piled up.

Green and aromatherapy

Filling your home with plants and good scents can greatly lift your spirits. Scented candles, fragrant room sprays, or aromatherapy can feel therapeutic, nostalgic, and energizing. Certain scents can make you feel happy, specifically lavender, citrus, pine, and even freshly cut grass.

Strive to Fill the Home with Good Memories

Most of the time, it’s not the decor, space, paint, or lighting; it’s the memories that you’ll always remember around the home. Write a gratitude journal or designate a wall for it. Choose to be happy wherever you’re at.

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