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Rain gutters are essential for directing water away from a building’s foundation and preventing structural issues. When not adequately taken care of, however, gutters can cause costly water damage to your property.

It’s therefore important to keep gutters in excellent condition. One way to do that is to keep them free of debris. Double T. Inc, a trusted home improvement company that installs rain gutters in Utah, recommends the use of gutter guards. There are various types available in the market that suits different needs. Here are some examples.

Reverse Curve Screens

These have an upward slope and curve which let debris slide to the ground rather than getting stuck on top. This design also allows water to flow smoothly into your gutters and drainage system. Reverse curve gutter screens attach to your roof’s edge and are visible since they resemble second gutters.

Micro-Mesh Screens

These mesh guards are made of stainless steel and have tiny holes along their length. These holes keep out debris while allowing water to flow freely through your gutters. Micro-mesh screens should be placed on an incline to prevent debris from piling at the top. Unlike the reverse-curve screens, these are not visible as they fit snugly in the gutter.

Bottlebrush Screens

These screens look like wire cleaning brushes. They are placed in your gutters and are very easy to install. The spikes on bottlebrush screens trap debris and efficiently keep your gutters clean. Furthermore, their design allows air to circulate and helps keep gutters dry after rain. The air circulation also prevents the development of rust on your gutters.

A final word on installing gutter guards and screens: if your property is located in areas with strong winds, fasten your gutter guards with sheet metal screws. These are strong and will keep your screens securely attached regardless of the weather.

The above screens are guaranteed to keep your gutters clean and in excellent condition. All you need to do is choose the best match for your roof and gutter system.

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