James Mitchell

The minimalist interior design has been adored for its simplicity. But it’s also been labeled as cold and boring. For some homeowners in Florida, they found better creative expression in going bold, vivid, and daring — in short, in maximalist design.

If you want to try this design yourself, your space should at least have these three elements:

1. Vibrancy

The hallmark of a maximalist design is lively, fierce colors. Choose bright hues to your room — the top options are red, yellow, and orange. To avoid looking like everything is all over the place, you can pick just one color and feature it in multiple shades.

Or, you can also take cues from your focal point. For instance, if the interest point of your space is wall art, take two or three hues used in that piece and reflect it on your walls, upholstery, and floors. This way, you can tie things together and still make the space look neat.

Check out different stores so you can compare prices for furniture and flooring products for sale; Bradenton design experts advise that you make a list already of colors you prefer.

2. Patterns

Maximalist designs are bursting with patterns. You have lots of options here: gingham, toile, florals, geometric, polka dots, and so on.

The best way to go about this without the space looking like a random hodgepodge of patterns is to decide which basic shapes you want to repeat in the space and apply the design rule of three in replicating patterns.

The rule of three means you’ll dedicate 60% to your main pattern, 30% on the secondary pattern, then 10% on accents.

So, for example, you decided to go with circular patterns, you can choose to have 60% florals (main pattern), 30% on damask (secondary pattern), and 10% on polka dots (accent). All these patterns have circular-like patterns which will complement each other.

3. Art

You can never go maximalist without art. It’s where the vibrancy of colors and the patterns collide. Install large-art framed pieces or collect mini pieces to form a gallery wall. Top choices when it comes to art styles are abstract and pop.

Remember to use different shapes of frames to add more visual interest. The more varied the shapes are, the better.

Be wild and free with maximalist interior design. Remember, the overarching principle here is: go big or go home.

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