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Decorating a new home is an exciting prospect. Perhaps you want to use your creativity in making the new place feel more comfortable and reflect your personality and the important events in your life. If you have a soft spot for antiques, then you could do the following suggestions on how to use them to define the interior aesthetics of your little paradise.

Creating a special space for old souvenirs

The travel mementos you have collected through the years need not stay in sealed boxes. Why don’t you allot a space in your new home to present them? Travelers would never consider the stuff they buy on trips as clutter. Keep cherished memories alive and create a special area where you can organize the novelty pieces you have collected into a wall of mementos and memories.

You can also frame banners and photos and mount them on a wall. On a tasteful and elegant cubbyhole, you can place the travel souvenirs and keepsakes, and expert designers from Authentic Provence recommend that you place the Barovier Murano glass pieces from Italy at the center as an accent piece. Choose the right colors and stay true to the theme so that the presentation fits with the aesthetic of your home’s interior. When done well, the space you have created for your travel souvenirs could be an interesting corner in your home.

Repurposing old windows into decorative elements

Vintage items can serve as unique decorative elements in a house and you have the freedom to use them as you want whether you want to give it a new finish or add some design modifications. There are endless decorative possibilities. Repurposing old windows is a great way to add a unique touch to your interior design. You can use them with the original panes, or you could use the frames only, and set aside the panes for something else. Antique window frames could also be used as cupboard or cabinet accent. You can place the entire frame in the garden. Window frame art designs can give your living room a unique centerpiece—a great topic of conversation when you have guests over for dinner or drinks.

You can add the panes as highlights in the garden, use them as decoration for a custom tabletop, or cut them out and smooth them to use as coasters for serving drinks to guests. Think out of the box! There are so many ways you can use antique materials and showcase their most enduring qualities.

Use Antique Kitchen Ware as Décor

Vintage items on display

Antique porcelain is always charming in decorating your kitchen, but old copper kettles, tin cups and metal pots add a rustic charm to your kitchen or outdoor garden. You can also use them as flower pots or garden planters.

You can be hands-on when it comes to decorating your new home. After all, the interiors should reflect your own aesthetic preferences. Use antiques to decorate your house and give it a unique appearance that represents your character, your life, and your design aesthetic. Do not hesitate to make singular choices that will make your living spaces cozy, sentimental, and undeniably yours.

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