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The exterior of a house is equally important as the interior because it is what the public sees, and as with our faces, we want to make a good impression on it. A shabby-looking exterior may discourage people from knocking, and if you are thinking of selling your house in the future, it may not look appealing at all to prospective buyers.

Fortunately, there are many ways to update the look of your home and make it look more appealing. You can give your home that extra charm by making some changes such as installing laser-cut screens in your Sydney abode.

There are also companies specialising in creating tastefully designed security screens to improve the security of your home. Here are other ways to add curb appeal to your home.

Freshen up your front door

The front entry is usually the focal point of a home’s exteriors. Freshen it up by cleaning the knob and use metal polish to give fixtures a nice sheen. Give your front door a paint job or install a custom wood door or a laser-cut screen with a beautiful pattern that complements your home’s overall exterior design.

Replace outdated, broken, or unappealing hardware

Your home can greatly benefit from a hardware update. Mailboxes, light fixtures, the entry door lockset, and house numbers are just some of the things you can replace with newer ones, especially if they’re old, broken, or just don’t reflect the design you envision for your house.

Add outdoor artwork

Outdoor art such as metal sculptures, wind chimes, birdbaths, water sculptures, and other weather-resistant elements can instantly give your home curb appeal. It’s best to choose outdoor art that would go well with the other exterior elements of your home and its natural colour palette.

Install outdoor or landscape lighting

Lighting fixtures for your garden or entryway not only add aesthetic appeal but also provide security by illuminating dark areas. Light fixtures can also add nice accent lighting to trees and shrubs, and provide ample lighting to a walking path at night.

You can install solar fixtures to eliminate the need for exterior wiring.

Create a container or windowsill garden

Container and windowsill gardens add a homey, welcoming feel and a splash of colour to your exteriors. You can create container gardens with your favourite blooms and even vegetables. For a windowsill garden, you can install window boxes or use hanging plants.

Mix and match your flowers and plants for best results!

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