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Does the grass always seem greener on other commercial properties?

You can make your commercial property’s greenery beautiful, as well. In fact, with dedication and care, a lush, green lawn is easy to attain. You can also improve the quality of your landscaping by hiring professional lawn care services. After all, the industry is adopting cleaner and greener alternatives to caring for your garden properly.

Sometimes, however, business owners fall victim to common lawn care mistakes that end up compromising the quality of their turf. Read on to find out how to take proper care of your landscape and to avoid the common lawn care blunders that plague property owners.

Daily Watering

It’s a common misconception that lawn watering should happen daily. In fact, landscapes only need about an inch of water every week. Giving your lawn a daily shower could cause run-off and other related problems to crop up. Furthermore, surface-level watering may result in instant evaporation and shallow root growth, especially during hot, summer days. Watering your plants at least three times a week is the ideal practice.

Short Turf Trims

Removing the weed from the lawnSometimes, it can be tempting to lop off as many blades as possible in a single pass. That way, mowers can save time and avoid next week’s cut. But there are no shortcuts to lawn mowing. Taking too much off the top could be detrimental to your lawn’s health; leaving the grass longer helps it develop a healthier water root system. So, remove no more than one-third of the grass blades to help restore balance.

A Lack of (Weed) Prevention

Weed prevention is a necessity for commercial lawns. Unlike other landscape problems, though, solving weed overgrowth doesn’t work with a quick-fix mindset. Once the weed stake over your lawn, they can be difficult to remove and harm its overall appearance and health.

Mowing your grass too short can make it more susceptible to weeds. Avoid trimming your grass too short and over-seed the lawn occasionally. This works well, especially for businesses with thinner turf.

Create a beautiful landscape with regular lawn care maintenance. By overcoming these common lawn care problems, you’ll have a lawn that will impress customers.

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