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If an unexpected flood invades your home, the damage can be extensive and expensive. Apart from compromising your house’s foundation, water damage can also affect your carpets and furnishings. This makes it important to be proactive by addressing the problem immediately and properly.

The First Steps

Other than reporting the incident to your insurance company, you should make the extra effort to lessen further damage. You can start by moving some valuables like furniture and decors to dry or safe place. If there are rooms or ceilings with active leaks, place a bucket under them. This solution, however, is only temporary so you need to call in experts to address the leak.

Remove Standing Water

If there is a pool of standing water inside the house, the best thing you can do is to remove it. You can use a water pump to accomplish the task, or just go with buckets. Note that the goal is to remove as much water out of the property immediately. Flood cleanup pros in Utah note that letting the water linger can compromise indoor air quality.

Watch Out for Moisture

The thing with water is that it can be sneaky. It is not enough to just wipe or mop the area. Moisture can still linger and this may contribute to mold problems later on. This is why it is better to call in some professionals for efficient cleaning as well as moisture inspection. This is to accurately determine the amount of damage and avoid the extra cost of mold remediation in the future.

Be Careful with Electricity

If you’re eager in removing water and drying out your home, you still shouldn’t use any electrical appliance like a vacuum while accomplishing the task. This is especially true when you’re standing on wet floors or carpets. Keep in mind the water and electricity don’t mix. Electrically powered tools like mowers should also never be used in the rain or wet conditions.

Regardless of the cause of flood, you shouldn’t let water damage continue to compromise the structural integrity of your home. Call in experts. You shouldn’t also deal with removing carpets on your own or pursuing a drywall demolition without a professional evaluation of the situation.

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