James Mitchell

Indoor air pollution might be as bad as outdoor pollution because there are fewer regulations and harder ways for detecting and monitoring it. Bad air quality can lead to asthma and other breathing-related diseases. How do you improve the quality of your home’s indoor air?

Regular cleaning

Carpet cleaning services in Riverton, UT can come in handy especially when you have little time to yourself. A dirty carpet is a hiding place for dirt, pollen and dust mites, which can affect the quality of air. Also, cleaning the walls ensures that any mold growing on them is removed and at the same time takes care of dirt and other invisible impurities.

Improve the ventilation

During the day, you can open the windows to let in fresh air. When cooking, it can get stuffy with all the heat and smells. Opening the windows will allow cool and fresh air to come in.

Avoid dampness

If you notice any water leak, repair it as soon as possible. The water causes humidity to build up, which can also encourage the growth of mould. Also, when you clean carpets and clothes, make sure they dry well. Breathing in the moisture can result in ailments.

Invest in indoor plants

Plants consume the carbon dioxide you produce. They also exhale oxygen. Therefore, they provide you with clean air to breath and take away the impurities. Houseplants are economical and do not require a lot of maintenance other than regular watering.

Don’t bring dirt from outside

Leaving the shoes outside ensures that dirt, chemicals, and other impurities don’t get their way into the house. Having separate outdoor and indoor footwear is important.

Increasing the quality of indoor air will leave you energized, resulting in a more productive life. It also means that disease-causing pathogens don’t concentrate in your home but find their way out.

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