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Millennials are delaying marriage and parenthood. As of the most recent record, the average age of first-time mothers in the United States went up to 26. For men, the average age of first-time fathers is now 31.

There are a plethora of reasons why many young people are choosing not to have children right now. Many are prioritizing their careers and building their wealth before settling down. Others find it too expensive and impractical to raise a child right now. Some do not have a plan to have children at all. Instead of a baby, young people give their love and attention to pets or, more recently, plants.

The Plant Parents

The recent trend has revived the gardening industry. In 2018 alone, Americans collectively spent a total of $52.3 billion — a record — on gardening supplies. About a quarter of those sales are people aged between 18 and 34.

Since 2014, the spending on plants among the age group has been increasing. It is, however, more than just a passing social media fad. The interest in plants and gardening has gone up in recent years. Moreover, to the young people who have tagged themselves as “plant parents,” the foliage they collect is not meant to be mere accessories. They reap mental health benefits from tending to their plants.

This generation experiences high levels of stress regularly because of their jobs, political and social issues, the rising cost of living, and other problems. Plants allow people to temporarily forget all their stressors and focus on their chores. Compared to dogs and cats, plants are also less demanding of their time.

Get a Greenhouse

People who live in places where it gets freezing during winter should consider getting a greenhouse. A greenhouse is its own microclimate. While it is cold and freezing outside, the temperature is warmer and humid inside. A greenhouse for winter allows plants that may not be as tolerant of extremely low temperatures to thrive.

It is an expensive investment, but it is one that you can use for a long time. In your greenhouse, you can grow fruits and vegetables that you and your loved ones can enjoy all year round. Fresh produce tends to be more expensive during winter because it is not the ideal season for many plants to grow. Most fruits and vegetables grow every spring and summer.

greenhouse garden

Get a Grow Light

If a greenhouse is not an option, a lamp that mimics sunlight is a good investment. A grow light, as its name suggests, helps plants grow when it is cloudy and gloomy. It is perfect for those who are caring for sun-loving plants indoors. When it is cold out, placing your plants in front of your window is not enough. Some plants need more light to convert into energy, so they can survive and bloom.

Get a Humidifier

Using your heating and air conditioning system throughout the year makes the indoor air in your home dry. This is terrible news for your plant babies. Unless the only greenery you own is cacti and succulents, both of which prefer arid environments, you will need to inject moisture back to the indoor air. Otherwise, your plants will develop brown spots and then die.

A humidifier, therefore, is a must-have. The device works by launching water droplets into the air to raise levels of humidity. It is suitable for your skin, your sinuses, and the health of your plants.

Get a Plant Tracker

For people who want guidance when it comes to keeping plants alive, a smart plant tracker is convenient. The small device has the capability to collect data about the water levels and nutrition in the soil, the amount of light that the plant gets, and the ambient temperature inside the room. These factors can impact a plant’s chances of survival.

Moreover, it connects to the app so that you can access daily, monthly, and weekly statistics about your plant.

Get Pot Sticker Pest Traps

There are a lot of pests that will come and destroy your plant babies, even if you are keeping them indoors. When aphids, gnats, flies, and other bugs get access to your garden, they will feed on the leaves and stems, eventually killing your plants.

There are sticky pest traps that are easy to use and can effectively capture the different bugs that threaten your plants. Attach one near the base of the plant and, the day after, you will start to see the creepy crawlers that want to invade your garden.

There are many reasons why millennials love plants, and taking care of greenery has been good for them. It is an excellent activity to boost their moods and lower their levels of stress.

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