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Do you have a property that is not used for a long time? You can turn this uninhabited space to earn an income. Renting out your property will give you a source of added revenue. Also, somebody else will take care of your house. Of course, there are legalities on renting out. But once you have taken care of these things, what steps should you do to prepare your home for its tenants?

Clean Every Nook and Cranny

A vacant house accumulates much dirt over time. Bathrooms and kitchens are among the most affected rooms. A professional tile grout cleaning service restores these areas in their former glory. You must also scrub your windows and floors. Clean windows help bring in the sunlight.

If you have a carpet, now is a good time to shampoo it. You would not want to present your home to potential tenants in an unkempt state. You can also use natural air fresheners such as lemon mixture. Cleanliness extends to good scents filling the air. Overall, a clean house attracts renters. They can envision themselves living in it rather than in a filthy one.

Ensure Safety on All Levels

Another consideration of potential renters is their safety. The first order is to change the locks to your doors. Also, have professionals check for faulty wiring and leaky pipes. Initially, these things should be at the landlord’s expense. A tenant will get frustrated by large expenses for maintenance a few weeks after moving in. You must also address structural issues if any. Do you need to replace the railing of your staircase? Are the floors uneven and bouncy?

Make sure to inspect every part of your house. It must pass safety standards. You would not want a tenant incurring an injury in your property because of your lapse as a landlord. Dealing with pests is another thing that you can do for your tenant’s safety.

Inspect If Utilities Are in Top Shape

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One good way to start a good landlord-tenant relationship is to show that you care for their welfare. One way for you to do this is to check beforehand that power and water utilities are running well in your property. These are necessities that will help anyone live in comfort. Also, your HVAC system must be in good condition. It is important to maintain the proper temperature inside the house. This will help your tenants cut on energy costs. Some landlords also rent out their appliances like the oven and washing machine. If you plan to do so, have some test runs beforehand.

Spruce up with Enhancements

A very simple way to make your property look like new is to give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colors are good because they make the house look cleaner. Also, this is a safe choice of color to match any personality of a potential tenant. Trimming your landscape can also add curb appeal. Starting something with the yard will encourage your tenants to follow through. But do not go all out that you do not give them the freedom to do as they wish with the garden.

Expect to spend some money to make your home livable and appealing. You may stipulate in your contract your boundaries in the expenses with maintenance. But initial costs are a worthy investment.

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