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Granny flats are now becoming common extensions for households. However, building one on your property would also mean that you’ll have to take on additional upkeep and utility costs. This situation can hurt your budget in the long run, so why not make your extension energy-efficient? A great place to start with eco-friendly upgrades is the roof, and now there are many options you could consider.

Solar Panels and Generators

Solar energy has always been one of the forerunners of eco-friendly living, and Sunpower energy dealers can give it to you. You use the sun’s light and heat to generate electrical energy, which you can use in your home instead of the main connection. The panels can be expensive, but the amount of power that you don’t have to pay for more than makes up for it. In fact, with the right amount of solar cells placed on your flat’s roof, you can power not just the granny flat itself but also some of your main home’s appliances and gadgets. To fully maximize the benefits that you gain from this upgrade, consider using energy-efficient appliances as well.

Natural Lighting Features

Using natural light for your home helps reduce your electricity consumption, so it would also apply to your granny flat. Talk to your builders about incorporating features that make full use of the sun’s light but at the same time, won’t clash with the design of the rest of the extension. Upgrades that fit well in this category are solar reflective tubes that redirect sunlight during the day so they can be used inside the house. If you can make it fit, this is great to use with solar panels.

Cooling Roofs

Eco-Friendly Roofing Some days will be hot, especially during the summer. When this time comes, chances are you’ll have to use your HVAC system to its maximum, increasing your energy expenses. You can avoid this situation by using materials that reflect the sun’s rays and heat. Examples of such are roofing made of white gravel and white glue. You could also use light colors for reflection. You can apply it to the topmost part of your extension and your walls.

Rainwater Collection Systems

Electricity isn’t the only utility that you can save money on with a roofing upgrade. You can also minimize water expenses in the long run with a rainwater collection device. It collects rainwater so you can use it for some of your needs instead of getting it from your main pipeline. You can even choose to put in some modifications such as larger tanks or filters that can make the water potable. This upgrade is also useful for your main house.

Building this home extension can put quite an additional load on your family’s utilities, so you should plan for it from the beginning to avoid problems. Include any of the above upgrades to minimize the additional long-term costs that you’ll entail. Consult reliable suppliers of these installations, and make sure that your builders are familiar with eco-friendly construction. These additions may seem expensive compared to their size, but you’ll find them worth it in the long run.

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