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Global concern about climate change is rising, and this means that the current and future generations should pay attention to their present lifestyles and habits. Greenhouse gasses, pollution, and problems with supply and demand can all be controlled and even minimized. Unfortunately, the negative effects of these ecological problems actually start from our homes. Creating green residences can make a big difference in our current environmental situation. If you wish to contribute to a cleaner environment, consider the following add-ons when building your home:

Efficient Technology

Modern inventions are mostly created to reduce your household’s energy and utility usage. Start by purchasing LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones since LEDs are more energy-efficient and have long lifespans. Install appliances with more eco-friendly and energy-saving features. Set up automatic and programmable thermostats for your HVAC system so that you can control which rooms need to be heated or cooled. Finally, ask your custom home builder in Guelph if it’s possible to install solar panels so that you can further reduce your electricity payments. You can also ask your chosen construction company for other green technological advancements that you can include in your house plans.

Water Conservation

Residential rainwater tank systemOne of the most important commodities at home is the water supply. Oftentimes, this is also the one that gets wasted the most. Small drops can turn into puddles, and puddles can turn into gallons of wasted water. Besides installing durable pipes, you can also opt for water-saving taps, showerheads, and toilet flushing systems. Reduce the number of tubs that you plan to put in. Better yet, avoid tubs altogether and settle for showers instead. Purchase dishwashers and washing machines that conserve water, electricity, and space. You can even go as far as including a rainwater-harvesting system that you can use to clean your home’s exterior and water your gardens.

Natural Touch

The tranquility and relaxing aura that nature provides us with are beneficial, and you can maximize these when planning your home’s construction. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, trees and shrubs help produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide from the air. This gives you more reason to utilize your yards. You can also reserve a place in your yard for composting. You get to reduce your biodegradable waste while creating fertilizer for your plants. Finally, you can ask your builders to install mini-gardens in strategic spots inside your home for herbs, veggies, and flowering plants. They can beautify your residence, improve the air within your house, provide fresh produce, and reduce your food bills.

Living green has a ton of advantages, so adding these features into your new home plans can benefit you, your lifestyle, and even your family. However, it’s worth mentioning that you’re also creating awareness in your children and family members when you apply these eco-friendly upgrades. In today’s energy crisis, the government can do everything they can to make sure that we have enough supply for the rest of our existence. Still, for those who have chosen to customize their homes to be sustainable and energy-efficient, you’re doing Earth a favor, while making your lives and households healthier and happier.

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